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    We've been using PVC pilchers to cover my little boy's terry towelling nappies, but lately in this heat it seems too much. Today I didn't put a cover on him while he was awake, just made sure I kept up the frequent changes, and we didn't have any leaks.

    Do you cover your terries? If so, with what? Because I think a cover is a good idea, but I'd like to get something which breathes a bit better than pvc.

    Ooh, and a second question. We inherited our nappies from my mum (yes, my little one is wearing the same nappies I wore) and in our stash I found two covers which go over the pilchers - just to make them look nice. There is only one in a newborn size and one in a larger size. I'd like to have some more. Do these things still exist in the shops? Or am I going to have to find me a sewing machine?

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    We cover terries with wool. I knitted some - very easy, I'm not a knitter- using pattern from the net. Wool is awesome cos it is incredibly absorbant and because of the lanolin, they neutralise the urine and therefore don't have to be washed everytime they get wet - just aired then reused - totally brilliant.

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    chain shops still sell the PVC pilchers - but this is old nappy technology.

    PVC sweats heaps, they crack, they leak, leave red marks around the legs, not good.

    You might have heard of the term "Modern Cloth Nappies" on this forum, or MCN. There are heaps of MCN mums using the new techo advances in fabrics, to nappy our bubs.

    regardless of what sort of napy you use on your bub, the NEW covers are made out of different fabrics than PVC

    such as

    PUL - polyester or cotton laminate
    Fleece - double layered polar fleece or single layered Malden Mills Fleece
    Wool - woven fabric wool or handknits

    the most breathable option is wool, followed by malden mills fleece, then PUL.

    Nappycino forum has a wonderful link called WHY WOOL which explains why wool works so well as a nappy cover (even in very hot summer conditions). Wool covers become waterproof thru the process of lanolising them.

    So each time you wash them, you lanolise them too.

    Flats have been modernised too, now you can buy hemp or bamboo flats (use less water to grow, don't need the chemicals that cotton does to grow, have antibacterial qualities, fabric is more absorbent than cotton). Or some use the cotton terry flats, but boost them by laying inside, a hemp or bamboo booster (looks like a pad of fabric). Coupled with a modern cloth nappy cover, you then have a waterproof system that will BREATHE.

    Another innovation in MCN is DRYPAILING. this means NO MORE NAPISAN and buckets of water for bub to drown in.

    We have a gadget you attach ot the loo cistern, called a Little Squirt, to make rinsing the nappies a breeze.

    go to ozclothnappies and click on the FAQ link for more explanations, i could be here all day, the new advances are so excellent.

    if you want to look at some MCN covers, look at some of the bigger MCN website shops like
    - nurturenappies
    - the weewuns
    - babysoftlandings
    - darlingsdowunder
    click on COVERS

    there are Work at home mum sites like
    - ozebaby
    - wahmnaps
    - wahmania
    click on the stores with woolly type names

    If you or someone who loves your baby, knits, you can make your own "soakers" (the name for woolly nappy covers). Go to nappycino site and click on the DIY knitting section for great advice, links to pattersn etc.

    i have my baby in wool soakers when it's 45 degrees, she's comfy and waterproof.

    Wool covers are wonderful for overnight nappying too. See the Disana woollen soakers at the weewuns site - see the very high waist on them?


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    Thanks for the tips.

    I think I will knit some wool covers. A girlfriend of mine has lent me some baby beehinds covers but they're not quite what I'm after.

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    I just bought covers from big w target etc, they are similiar in shape to a disp, but as in they velcro up anyway I used to put these over his terry flats they had a little bit of PVC around legs to help control leaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rach75 View Post
    I just bought covers from big w target etc, they are similiar in shape to a disp, but as in they velcro up anyway I used to put these over his terry flats they had a little bit of PVC around legs to help control leaks
    The target covers are good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kate07 View Post
    The target covers are good.
    Hmmm. I haven't seen these at my local Target or Big W (maybe it's a K Mart, I can never remember lol). I'll have a look.

    I started knitting a cover this evening The pattern says it's for a 12 month old but it looks too small for my three month old I guess I'll learn from this first attempt.

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