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Thread: fleece covers?

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    Question fleece covers?

    how many times would you use yours between between washes?
    DS has just decided on top of his horrible flu that he needs the runs as well We've found the best nappies for diarrhea are flats with Maz covers, but I only have one Maz cover (2 if you include the one I promised someone else...but I refuse to use that one!)
    I have other covers, but none cover a flat properly & other nappies just won't work.
    I've always known you can reuse a cover if you air between changes, but have never actually done it! Someone help? Oh & if anyone has any Maz covers laying around they aren't them too me lol
    Spose I best go find all my flats & make sure they are clean & dry...

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    I only wash my covers every 3-4 days, maybe longer if I haven't got a load of nappies/baby clothes to put in the washing machine. I use terry flats though, so don't know if that makes a difference. I have 2 PUL covers I use during the day and just alternate each nappy change, and one wool cover that I use overnight. It gets washed more often than the PUL, especially if she's been quite wet overnight.

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