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    I have (after some very good advice in these forums) to stick to fleece covers for a baby born in the wet season.

    I know of Maz-i-licous fleece covers (which I will try) and they have rave reviews but I just wanted to know if anyone else has any preferences for any other good fleece covers. (Preferably some that have a small size small enough for a newborn - I will be using them with prefolds and fitteds).

    Thanks in advance!!

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    99.999999999% of my covers are maz-a-licious, but I do have a handful of Tots Bots covers. They're not too bad, and they've lasted (I've had them since DD1 was about 1, so 3 yrs now). That's all I know of and use.

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    Maz's covers are great. I have some of her stuff & its all good
    The only other fleece covers I have, I made, so wouldn't know where else to get them, sorry!

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    I have a Stacinator wool cover, bought it from Darlings Downunder (was their cheapest wool cover). I only use it at night but it has been great. It has snaps rather than velcro and has a bit of give in it. It's done really well, especially on the nights where she has slept through (once in a blue moon!) or has only had one nappy change overnight. I think they only come in light blue and light pink though.

    I have a Baby Beehinds wool cover too but rarely use it as I'm not a fan of it...just seems a bit stiff and I can't get the leg to stretch enough to cover the nappy (I use terry cloth nappies).

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    Thanks everyone!

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