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Thread: How many covers for Flats

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    Default How many covers for Flats

    Diggin through the draws and cupboards recently looking to see what needs replacing in preperation for pregnancy number 3
    I intend to reuse our terry flats and I found that we need new covers and new snappys.
    So can you still purchase snappy clips? I have not seen them around latley.
    And how many covers do you think I'll need for a NB.
    Which are the brands you have used? and would you recommend them?
    With the others I used plastic pants with ds which I didn't like before switching to PUL covers with dd but I don't remember what brand they were or what happened to them.
    I think I had 6-9 covers originaly but as I can not find any trace of them.
    How many do you think I'll need?
    I think I just repeated myself, sorry.

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    I have found my snappis from IGAs and coles but not found any in woolies if that helps.

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    Can't help with the covers, but I bought snappies off eBay. Took a while to arrive but a great price!


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    Oh Thanks for that I'll check out Coles, IGA and ebay.
    I do shop at Woolies and Aldi so I've had no luck there. I find it a bit strange really our local Woolies has terry flats but no pins, no snappies and no nappy covers of any description. A bit odd I think, I mean why sell Terry squares and nothing else you need.

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    hi love,
    I love the motherease covers and have used them exclusively from when DS was newborn. we are reusing for number 2 you can get snap shut or velcro-type covers (i prefer the snap shut ones).

    as for snappis i buy mine from the same site i get my covers and I don't buy the woolies/big w brand ones because i find they break very easily.

    yeah i prefer our terry over our MCNs anyday, even if they take a bit longer to put on!

    good luck and happy shopping!

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    I've never really thought about how long they take to put on.
    But they do dry super quick compared to the MCN's, I just love looking out at the line and seeing it full of white squares flapping in the breeze. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
    When dd was a bub my gf used to pop over every second day and we'd have coffee, cake and a folding party. Between us that was 13years and four babies ago now.

    Where would be your favourite online store that you have purchased your covers from?

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    "Darlings downunder" have a few different brands of PUL and fleece covers. i like mother-ease and BBH covers.

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    I also like the motherease rikki and Baby Beehinds PUL ones.

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    I like TotsBots covers over terry flats, or maz-a-licious covers are great too.

    I reckon 6-9 is about right. I have 5 and I get by just fine, but I also use MCNs in between.

    I just went on a grand snappi hunt - Big W are the failsafe option, as long as they haven't sold out!

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    I just posted this on another thread with covers I would go for larger covers over flats - so I'd get medium and large covers, they last longer. Also you need large covers to fit over multifit MCN's.

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