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Thread: Not happy with my Eenee snibb covers

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    Unhappy Not happy with my Eenee snibb covers

    Hi everyone, I am just in the midst of getting my nappy stash together and it's so much fun! About a year ago I came across the Eenee snibb pouch covers on the Eenee website and they look so cute that I couldn't resist buying a couple despite reading a few bad reviews... I had planned to use a prefold and than just put these covers over the top but having now seen them in reality there is not way that that can happen! The pouch snibb is basically exposed at the sides on the hips and I cant' imagine that the ties would be very comfortable for bubs. The cover which is just called a snibb seems really big and bulky, I could put this over a prefold like I had planned but it's so bulky that I can't believe they advertise saying that it's perfect for a new born

    To top it all off they shipped the package addressed to my local post office The only reason I even went to the post office was because i had one of those little slips in my mail box saying there was mail to collect, when I got there I asked if there were more packages because I was expecting 3 and she checked my name and said there was one addressed to me but C/O the post office! I get home open it and it says to bill to my name and my address but ship to the post office

    So I just wanted to post about the products and the service so others can get some feedback before purchasing. I did a search on BB and nothing really came up, I also posted a question a while back in a new thread and didnt' get a reply BUT One lovely lady did warn me last week when I asked in the general cloth nappy thread so THANK YOU Gigi... I will listen to you next time

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    that sucks hun!
    i yhink ive seen them b4, can u get the inserts so u can use the whole system??
    i have some small fleece covers(no pul) ur more than welcome to if bubs a little miss, might look a little funny a boy hehehe

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