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Thread: Soakers, Shorties, Longies?!? I'm confused!!!

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    Question Soakers, Shorties, Longies?!? I'm confused!!!

    I'm trying to expand my MCN knowledge. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a soaker, shorties and longies and how they are used?

    Thanks in advance!

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    OK well they are all knitted woolen covers. The difference is in the legs.

    A soaker covers the nappy and has no legs or little cuffs.
    Shorties are little shorts with legs to mid thigh/knee.
    Longies are long pants to the ankle!


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    Can the longsies be used as a nappy cover?

    Eyeing some cute ones off at nuture nappies. They look like they's be great for winter.

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    Yes they can teachmum - that's what makes them so good! I am also eyeing off the longies on NN but live in Nth Qld so not much call for them here! (And I have a grandma who is a champion knitter and is aching to knit for her great-grandson!)

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    Great Question Celsie! I had no idea either! Now if I can just learn to knit.

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    all of the woollies can be used two ways

    if you LANOLISE them, they are dually clothing AND a waterproof nappy cover

    if you DON"T lanolise them, they can be used purely as clothing.

    how to use them?

    look on the possum pouch site for great examples of soakers
    her's have definite leg cuffs, a real bonus for containment, esp for night wear

    we put soakers

    • over bilby's fitted night nappy for night - anytime of the year
    • over her day nappy for summer indoors
    • great breathability
    • the ONLY thing we put over her nappy when she has nappy rash or it's heatwave time of year (become of the wonderful breathability)

    we put shorties
    over her fitted night nappies - any time of year (inside sleeping bag for winter, coupled with baby legwarmers) they replace her pj bottoms
    over her day nappy for summer, indoors and outdoors
    great breathability
    ditto for nappy rash

    we put longies
    - over her fitted night nappies instead of pj bottoms
    - don't use them in summer
    - over her fitted day nappies instead of trousers or jeans
    - great breathability
    - great for nappy rash times too

    wool items don't have to be washed as frequently, you can leave it a month - just air them out inbetween wears.

    when you wash them, handwash with woolmix, you need to lanolise them to make it a waterproof system.

    possum pouch has a nice range of soakers and shorties atm that i only spotted today - by registering at diaper decisions for the Great Downunder Nappy Hunt COmp, you get a discount code sent to you - using that code, you can get discount at many WAHM sites atm.

    hth Celsie!

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