thread: Washing wool covers?

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    Jul 2009

    Washing wool covers?

    I've got a bbh wool cover which I never used for dd as I had no idea how to wash and care for it. The other night we ran out of covers so I used it on ds and you guessed it, now it's pooed on. Can anyone please tell me how to wash and care for these covers?

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    I have a wool wash on my machine, so use that..

    Otherwise, with poop on wool when I was away without the modern machine, I used warm water on the affected area with a cloth, then aired in fresh air til dry.. Definately no wringing or it will go out of shape.

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    Jul 2009

    Thanks! I thought in my head I was supposed to use lanolin or something and also wondered if I had to use special wool wash.

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    Lanolin after they are washed..

    I redo them with lanolin after I am convinced they are clean.. (cause I hate the feel of it when wet, so don't risk having to do it more than once)

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    One method, which i used on our wool covers (which were hand woollen covers, not the BB ones) was:

    a cap of wool mix in TEPID water
    gently move the fibres around (to dislodge the poo)
    rinse a few times

    to get the water out, instead of WRINGING (as you would do for clothing), instead, double over a towel, lie it down, place your woollen object ON the towel. Now slowly roll up the towel (with the woolly in it), so the TOWEL is taking up the moisture for you.

    Then, to make the cover waterproof the next time you use it, i would put the now clean woollie, into a bucket of tepid water

    ADD to the bucket, the dissolved lanolin (you put a pea sized bit of lanolin, with a tiny bit of boiling or hot water, shake it in a container with a lid, so it is ALL dissolved) THEN add that to the tepid water.

    leave the woolly in there for at least 30 mins

    then remove from bucket, put straight onto a doubled up bath towel, and do the roll up thing again.

    to dry, put item on ANOTHER doubled up towel, on a flat surface, in the shade. Under a pergola, verandah, is good, cos you get the breeze, without the sun fading your item.

    that may or may not help, but oh well, putting it out there.

    the baby beehinds site was pretty comprehensive last time i looked, maybe check that out, for care instructions?

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    There's a youtube video on how to lanolise a wool cover, and she 'washes' her longies (wool long pants) by hand. I do all my woollies this way.
    YouTube title : Washing and lanolizing wool nappy covers by beansproutbubba . I'd put the link, but I'm not sure I'm allowed.

    Good luck!

    (I have a wool wash cycle on my machine, but I'm not brave enough to use it!)

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    Mar 2009
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    Hi girls. I have just bought a few woolen knitted covers for BB lushiea. Just wondering where I buy the lanolin from?