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Thread: Yay DH likes the covers

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    Default Yay DH likes the covers

    We are using Terry Flats but have been using pvc pilchers - at our baby shower we were given a Babybeehind mcn and cover - now we find the actual nappy a bit to confusing more so than the Terry Flats so we are happy to stick with the terry's but DH has said we can get some more covers because he likes them.
    My question are:
    How many do we need
    What sizing should we get
    and do we stick with Baby beehinds or get another brand
    also do u just use the one cover all day like u would a pvc and than wash it?

    Thankyou for ur help and advice in advance

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    PUL - different 2 PVC, heaps better

    use it 4 one nappy wear

    when it's time 2 change bubs:
    if they only did a wee - air out the cover, and use a fresh cover
    (so you're alternating the covers)

    if they did a poo
    wash the cover

    while u have very few decent covers, wash them by hand, PUL dries pretty fast

    terries r bulky, make sure cover, covers 100% of yr terry flat.

    there are instructions f how to put on a fitted nappy at the baby beehinds website - it's just the naame and

    post again if u need more help

    ozclothnappies - that one just has
    on the end


    onthe end

    2 great mcn resources to read n learn from

    look here too

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    Thanks Gigi - i was hoping i could use one all day as would a pvc
    and as for it covering 100% of the terri well its not doing that - but i will check out the websites - im thinking since im using terri's anyway i might be better of just sticking with the pvc!

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    The baby beehind covers are good but I think there are far better ones out there, as far as PUL covers go I like Thirsties they are brilliant, Bummis are good too. They both cover nappies really well. I love to use a wool cover though personally because it breathes the best. I get my mum to knit me wool soakers. PVC covers don't breathe very well so it might be worth looking into a few other cover options. Hope that helps.

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    PVC is really not a good cover. It's good for those who are on a tight budget and can't afford PUL or wool covers, but they aren't good because they don't breath.
    What about the BBH did you find hard/confusing?
    They have great pictures showing how to use them, which I found great. I actually find MCN so much easier than flats! No folding or snappying or pinning and such better containment!

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    Thirsties are FANTASTIC and I generally use them for all day with no problems unless they're dirty... Bummis are good too. I like the gussets (sp?) which was our huge issue with PVC.

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    HJ - if you want a lesson in MCN - come along to the meet up we are having in a few weeks - its on a tuesday I think

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    Arimeh - where is the meet up?

    Lisa, Missmoo and Leasha - i find flats very easy to use so im quite happy to continue using them - i dont like PVC tho but once again they are easy and with them u just need to use one for most the day unless a really bad accident occurs!
    I have one baby beehind cover but that dosent cover the whole flat nappy, and if u need to alternate between them during the day or use a new one at everychange than i would need heaps of them!!!! but than Leasha u say u dont use a new one at every change is that correct? if so i like that idea!
    I know PVC dont breath but im pretty onto changing Bianca's nappy - she is never left in a dirty or wet nappy for long at all unless she is sleeping!
    so are these new mcn covers really the way to go for me?
    as for the actual nappy itself - nah wont even go there - far too confusing! hahaha

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    I'll show you how to work one next time we see you - heaps easier when you know what you are doing!

    And maybe go to the cloth nappy meet-up. The girls there know heaps more than me, and have a lot more different brands of nappies for you to see than my little stash!

    EDIT: Yep, just looked at the cloth nappy meet-up thread, and Lea will be there, and she is a BBH lady, so she will be able to show you how to do your nappy properly if you go along.
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