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Thread: Antibiotics for 14 month old

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    Default Antibiotics for 14 month old

    Dd has been prescribed some antibiotics for tonsillitis/strep throat

    The gp didn't get a great look but thinks she saw little sores on her throat.

    She has had high fever since Friday night even with panadol and nurofen. Yesterday the gp said if she still has fever start her in the abs.

    Overnight her fever has dropped and this morning she has a high temperature but no fever yet.

    I'm hesitant at giving her the abs because I know they're not the best even or our systems. Has anyone successful not had to use abs?

    My mil has suggested seeing a homeopath to help her but I have no experience with them. Has anyone got some experiences they can share for homeopathy for children?

    Should I just be giving her the abs?

    Oh it's so hard as a mum!

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    I'm of the school that antibiotics, when used properly, are a great thing. They save millions if lives and prevent an enormous amount of pain and suffering.

    I also think they are massively over prescribed. But tonsillitis and strep throat are nasty in little ones and I'd give them if it were my DD. I'd also give her some probiotics like yoghurt to replenish the flora in her digestive system.

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    Could you get a second opinion from another gp, just to be sure? If it definitely is strep I'd probably go ahead and give them, but I'd want to be sure. DD1 had a chest infection at around 11 months that needed antibiotics, and even though they were needed, and we have loads of probiotics and yogurt etc, it changed her gut flora and she hasn't been the same since in terms of how she processes some foods.

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    Nothing wrong with getting another opinion, but on the other hand, the drs I see tend not to hand the scripts over unless its really necessary. So it might depend on how well you know that dr.

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