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    Dd has been diagnosed with fifths disease (slap face) AND tonsillitis. The doctor said the tonsillitis looks to be bacterial, although she didn't get a good look because dd started to scream.

    She said if she doesn't improve by tomorrow lunch to start her on antibiotics.

    I'm not super fussed on her having to take antibiotics, but will if necessary.

    I've been researching natural antibiotics for children and i found honey as cinnamon and also olive leaf extract.

    Has anyone used olive leaf extract in a baby? She's 14 months. How much did you use? The 5ml the container says?

    Anything else to try?

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    A naturopath told me to give my DS olive leaf extract (it was a kids raspberry flavoured one) but it was a long time ago now and I can't remember why!!

    Pretty sure it was 5ml.

    If your DD has full blown tonsillitis though, I would give her the antibiotics. Clear it up, then start on other stuff to boost her back.

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