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Thread: Placental Encapsulation- WA- SOR

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    Default Placental Encapsulation- WA- SOR

    Hi, not sure where else this would go.

    I had bub this morning and was wondering if anyone knows anyone not booked out that is able to do thia for me?

    Placenta is in the fridge I'm staying in hospital till Thursday and would appreciate it being done ASAP. I had PND last bub (to the point of temporarily losing my children) and am very anemic.

    Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated. ...and yes I realise most charge for this and am happy to do so :-)

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    congrats on your new bubba!

    if you look in the Directory at top of page, there is someone listed in Perth. even if she doesn't do your area, she might know someone who can help. good luck.

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