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Thread: What am I lacking in?

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    Default What am I lacking in?

    Whenever I am pregnant I seem to get eczema. Normally it is just around my mouth, well last pregnancy it was(I have never had eczema before being pregnant). This time I have it around my mouth again, but I also have an insanely itchy lower spine, underside and sides of my breasts and I just found a tiny patch of it on my forearm.

    I'm assuming its either hormone related, or I lack something in pregnancy. I've been googling a bit and it says being low in zinc may be the cause. Does anyone else know more? Is there something else I could be lacking?

    What makes me think its something I am deficient in is that this time it's a lot worse than with dd, and this time I am still breastfeeding too.

    Any ideas? Suggestions?

    If you need more information or symptoms feel free to ask

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    My eczema always flared up while I was pregnant too. I have no idea why, neither did my dr at the time. It died down after i had my babies. I guess it was hormonal

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    I suffer from sensitive skin and am very prone to eczema. I've found it's worse at the moment because we're in the middle of winter and my skin is naturally drier. I find when I moisturise more thoroughly it tends to die down after a few days.

    Coincidentally, it has been worse this and my last pg, but I was pg at exactly the same time of year and stretching heaps over winter.

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    I have been dealing with the same thing this pregnancy, it's almost unbearable some days! I've found that if I bathe daily in a lovely pregnancy skin oil I found it really helps reduce the itching and rash.

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    Yep, I get eczema too and it's always worse this time of year. Haven't noticed a flare up while I'm pregnant though....stress can make it worse. If it's around your mouth it could be something you ate. I read something a while ago linking where the eczema is to a probable cause. Can't remember the article though, sorry. Use lots of moisturiser and make sure showers/baths aren't too warm (a bath with an oat filled stocking tied to the tap while its running can help soothe though). Avoid make up and scrubbing your face.

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    Selenium deficiency? Are you getting dandruff-like dry skin on your scalp too?
    Selenium is in most good multi-vitamins.

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