thread: Natural Family Planning

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    Natural Family Planning

    Now ive never heard of this until i read a little in another thread....

    Who does it..and how does it work?

    Teach me a few things please!!

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    Jan 2006

    It is monitoring cervical mucous to determine your most fertile time and then avoiding sexual intercourse during that time frame. It is called the Billings Method. It was what I used to get pregnant (eventually )without temping.

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    Jun 2005

    Is a natural method of either achieving or avoiding pregnancy....with no medicines or drugs involved. Your simply relying on your fertile signs (e.g CM( To AVOID or achieve pregnancy......To avoid you simply do not DTD around your fertile days....but more than that, being really intouch with your fertile calendar, knowing when your fertile days are approaching and abstaining from DTD during that time.
    As Michelle said, its often called the Billings Method.
    Apparently its supposed to be effective....but i think a lot depends on correct understanding, and commitment from both partners....i couldnt do it....that sperm would still find a way i reckon with me......

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    My wife and I used a "hybrid" version of this for probably 3 years or so. In our case we used a software program that tracked her cycle and indicated when we should either avoid DTD or go for it (depending on desire ). From that perspecitve I would say it was heavier on the rytham mehtod than the correct NFP method. But when the software would indicate she was entering into her fertile cycle I would haver her monitor / check her cervical fluid. We only really had one OOPs which we lost at 3 months due to a stopped heart. That particular situation dealt largely with some risk taking on our part and miscalculation. We tended to not abstain for the full recommended durations simply because we liked DTD and the odds were very low in the early days of the "fertile week".

    So, if you monitor your body and you are not weak in your ability to say no when you need to say no then you will be fine. If you have no problem with condoms then you could combine aspects of NFP with condoms during the fertile time. Just keep in mind that your body can change its cycle month to month based on stress or other issues so it is important to not rely on a rythem method but to relyon on monitoring your body's changes / fertility cycle each month.