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Thread: Asbestos in kids Crayons

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    So I read the article via the advertiser and then went and read the release on the ACCC site.

    Essentially some crayons like Dora explorer, frozen and Peppa pig have been found to have traces of asbestos in them. They are removing them from shops and suggesting we dispose of any we have. They arent recalling because they feel the wax safetly contains the asbestos from inhalation and ingestion.

    I have a problem....dd1 had been given some Peppa pig ones from a friend....dd2 is prone to biting the crayons. If I see her I removed them from her obviously and remind dd1 to only draw up on the table.....but I would say it's safe to say dd2 has ingested some of these crayons

    Slightly freaking out here!! I feel like the worst mum what do I do?? I couldn't find anything on the ACCC website

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    Default Re: Asbestos in kids Crayons

    Don't stress, apparently the asbestos isn't released from the wax until boiling point, well over body temperature, so even if they had been eaten, it is still fine, and I'm sure yours isn't the only child to put them in their mouth.cwe have the crayons and I'm sure my dd has put them on her mouth.
    That's why they arent recalling them, if there was any health risk they would be recalled. Hope that makes sense.

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