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thread: Anyone had a premmie ?

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    Anyone had a premmie ?

    Does anyone have a premmie baby story that they might like to share ? Did you child go into neo-natal and how did that affect you ?

    Kameron was 2 weeks early and had to spend 48hrs in neo-natal due to Jaundice and low blood sugar levels. At times it felt like i didn't even have my baby while i was in the hospital cause he was taken from me 12 hrs after given birth to him and neo natal was on a seperate floor to maternity ward at that time and for the first 24hrs I couldnt' walk. But the staff there were fantastic and did everything for him and taught me how to do everything too.

    Love :smt049

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    May 2004


    Kimberley was born at 35.4 weeks and was put in SCBU Special care baby unit. I had her by C-Section due to pre-eclampsia. Her weight was 4lb 13oz. I was not able to get out of bed for 2 days and when i did it was a slow walk to get to her as she was on another floor.

    It was hard as she was taken straight away from me not even alowed to hold her but i did see her for a second that was a bit of a shock seeing this baby covered in all this white stuff was not prepared for that. She was being feed from a tube, was kept in the warmer part of the unit for a few days but after a couple she was no longer at risk. I was pleased that she did not have to many tubes in her. Just the one she did was scary. After a few days she got Jaundice and was back with a heat mat.

    They did take a photo which i kept by my bed and they did bring her up to see me after 10 hours but only for a short time. I was not able to be with her until i was well enough to be with her in scbu so that was 4 or 5 days with being away and not looking after her. I could go and see her but only for short times. Once i was able to stay with her it was better she was taken of the tube and i was able to feed her i was not able to take her home until she put weight on and that was going slow as she did not feed much just little and often, they did want to put her back on the tube but lucky that she did not have to. It also helped that they had a room for me to sleep in and be with her and if i needed help it was there.

    Kimberley spent a week there and i had to fight to let them bring her home, the nurses were good but different one's would tell you differetn things. Like the morining they told be she put on weight and saw no problems in her coming home and i was so pleased but it was down to the doctor to see her. We wiated all day he come down and saw the baby's in the other part then went away. When i asked what was going on they said he will be back soon. I waited till 2 after another horrible lunch and a sleep i asked again and told them if he was not back soon i was going to discharge her and take her home. We were going to be checked on by a health visitor every day so i saw no problem. Within the time it took Pauk to come to pick me up the doctor was back signed her forms and said we could go home. The thing that upset me was he did not even look at her just the paper work.

    One of the hardest things was to dress and change such a small baby but the staff were good and taught me how to do it thought i would hurt her, DH found it also hard at first. I look at her dolls and think that is how small she was hard to believe now.

    It was also hard on DH as he had to see Kimberley down stairs then come up to see me at least they did not have visiting times for Kimberley just me. But with working and seeing us he looked worse than i did.

    The one thing i will say it was scary that she was there but the staff are so good and great i would never worry so much if ot happened again.

    If i remember more i will put it down later.

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    Feb 2004

    Wow what a story Michelle. That must have been so hard on all of you. You're just lucky that she only had to stay in hospital for a week, I think much longer would have been really tough.

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    kirsty Guest

    Hi, my first baby was a premmie born at 32wks, weighing 3lb13oz (1738kgs).
    Our journey began when at 31wks PG my waters broke. After consultations with my GP & midwife at the hospital it became an airplane flight to Melbourne's Monash Medical Centre in Clayton to wait & see what would happen. I was already 3cm dilated when I was sent there & also had to have the steroid injections for bubs lungs in case birth was imminent. In the end squirt stayed put for another week (32wks) when after a bio-physics u/s they decided he needed to come out. So after an emergency c-section we had a beautiful baby boy, who went nameless for 2 & 1/2 days!! He came out squeaking (there is no way you could call it crying), was taken up to the NICUnit where I was expecting him to be put on a ventilator. Lo & behold when my midwife went to check on him at 11:05pm (he was born at 8:16pm) she bought me back a photo with no tubes in sight. When asked she said that he had worked out his breathing by the time they got him up to the NICU. What a clever little fellow he was. His Dad, Nanna & Grandma came up the next day & sprung me just as they were getting me up for the first time. Then we went around to see our baby & couldn't believe how tiny he was, he was allowed out for cuddles & he was just so tiny. We spent 5 days in Melbourne before being told that we could move to a hospital just an hour away from home. It was a huge shock to us, we had expected a long stay in Melbourne. He then spent 11days at Warrnambool where he managed to put on enough weight to come out of the humidicrib & to be able to have his first bath. He then transfered back to our local hospital where he spent 4wks learning how to feed before we were allowed to take him home.

    That said it was in no way as easy a journey as it sounds. Whilst in Melb I expressed milk for him, by hand at first & then by pump, which was fed to him via a nasal-gastric tube. Then there were the blood tests where they had trouble coz his little veins were small - I never knew he was capable of making so much noise until they did those, & the drips in his feet that they would take out only to have to put them back in because he wasn't on full milk feeds yet & they had read his chart wrong - once again more noise than I thought he could make. And that was without me recovering from the c-section. That being said I was up & walking to the nursery by myself the second day after it all happened, as I figured the more mobile I was the more time I was capable of spending with our son. Then came Warrnambool where they took the nasal-gastric tube out & instead opted to put a tube down his throat into his stomach at every feed, not very pleasant to watch the gag reflex in action. There was also the "forgetting" to breath rhythmically when comfortable having cuddles with Mum & hearing his monitor alarm go off & them having to administer oxygen to him. Then it went to the battle at our local hospital to get him home. A journey which I am sure was lengthened by the fact that they don't deal with premmies as a rule. But the past is past & we did finally get him home at gestation age 38wks 5days. And now you would never know the struggle we went through emotionally to have him here as you watch him run around & tell great stories (all in his 2yr old gibberish).

    The majority of the staff who were involved in our care were wonderful, very supportive. That made being 5hrs away from family & friends easier, also their willingness to chat & answer any questions we had was brilliant. They organised a visit to the NICUnit before our baby was born so that we would have some idea of what we were facing & any machinery that may be involved. All in all even though it was one of the scariest times of my life I am grateful that we were so lucky. We had a fighter from the minute he was born, he never looked back or suffered one set back health wise & for that I am eternally grateful.

    In just 6days time on August 21st we celebrate our little man's 2nd birthday & we count every day of those 2years as a blessing. He is the apple of our eye & all that we could have hoped for.

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    That was a lovely story Kirsty. Thanks for sharing.

    Love :smt049

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    jo-tysons mum Guest


    My name is Jo a newbie, so I thought I'd post here. I have a little boy Tyson who just turned 6 months. Ty was born 5 weeks early, i had him at 35 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. I had high blood pressure from about 20 weeks and was on medication.

    At my 34 week check up they found I had protein in my urine so I was admitted to hospital straight away. Lucky I had already started my maternity leave a week early. Anyway that was on a monday, by wednesday it had got worse and my ob decided it was time, so I had steroids that night and the following morning and had a c section on Thursday night. Little Ty was born at 6.35pm on the 29/4/04, he weighed 2.5kg (5lb 8oz). He was admitted to the SCN but required no oxygen, heat or anything. He was a little bit jaundice but that cleared up.

    By the friday night he was b/f and we took him home with us when I was discharged the following tuesday.

    His paed has been really happy with him and thinks that he is very healthy and happy bubs.

    Hes been doing really well, weighs nearly 7kg, is starting to roll, has started solids and best of all sleeps through the night. We've had the usual, first cold and he got a bit of a chest cold about a month ago and had to take antibiotics but he is over that now and fighting fit.

    Matt and I love our little man so much and love being parents that we were going to wait till Ty was 2 or 3 but have decided to ttc next April/May after Tys 1st bday and we were only going to have 2 children but have decided we want more (fingers crossed).

    I'm a bit scared I may get pre-eclampsia again but have been off my medication for about 3 months now and my blood pressure seems to be ok. I get it checked regularly to make sure everything is fine.

    So really glad to be here and hope to chat to you all soon. Bye for now.

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    Thanks for sharing your story Jo. You will have to join us in the 6-12mth thread

    love :hbeat:

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    Feb 2004

    Thank you for sharing your story Jo

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    kirsty Guest

    Jo so great to read your story. They are just the most precious little bundles aren't they & such little fighters! Hope all continues to go well with your beautiful baby boy.

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    Nov 2003

    Hey Jo,

    Welcome to BB. Thanks for sharing your story! How fantastic that all is going well with your little one. All the best for when you start TTC again!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    All these stories are so inspiring, so glad to hear that all your bubs are fighting fit, and Happy and healthy now. Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    EllysMum Guest

    At around 29-30wks I was monitoried for pre-eclampsia, then finally on a Tuesday I was forced into hospital and given steriod injections to help baby's lungs. By the Friday night I mentioned to a nurse that I had what felt like a band around my chest and not long after I was taken to the delivery suite, after both of us were monitored through the night I was prepped for surgery. I let the nurses ring my husband in the morning and he got to the hospital 30mins before I went to surgery. Why surgery? Because baby was presenting breech and it was considered easier for both of us. The gynocologist and the nurses told me not to be disappointed that it wasn't a natural birth, I told them I didn't consider it a race and that a safe birth for both of us was all I wanted.

    Elly was born at 1.29pm on the Saturday at 31wk 5dy was 3lb 6oz (1535g), and I had an epidural so that I could hear and see her when she was born. I even got to give her a kiss before she was taken up to NICU. My next look at her was about 7pm when the male midwife and my husband wheeled my bed into the NICU to see her. I saw the video footage hubby took of Elly being brought into NICU and put into the isolet. My first cuddle came on day 2 when she was put inside my dress, a kangaroo type cuddle. I made myself get up and about from the second day on and was able to get up to the NICU to see her on my own steam from day 3. Elly had a bit of fluid on her lungs and had a bit of jaundice, she spent 7days in bay 1 or intensive care and during that time we were limited to one cuddle a day. At first I was hesitant about touching her in the isolet but my husband's confidence rubbed off on me. On day 7 she was moved to bay 3, to grow and get strong enough to come home. She was a fiesty little thing and didn't much care for us touching her much at first, which was the typical reaction of a baby born through pre-eclampsia.

    Then on day 9 I was released from hospital. Leaving her in hospital was an ordeal, but I was comforted by talking to the other mums with bubs in the NICU. Sharing with them showed me that my reactions and feelings were normal. On day 11 Elly was kicked out to make room for other babies, I say this in a nice way, Elly was moved to another hospital with a special care nursery to grow, she was early but not ill requiring the specialist care services in the NICU. Elly thrived in the new nursery and together my husband and I got very skilled at changing nappies facing side on to Elly, holding her and bathing her without disturbing her monitoring leads. At times they moved Elly around special care nursery and we'd go to her old spot and suddenly find ourselves with another person's baby. Those were the weirdest times we had through the NICU and special care nursery.

    After only 5wks and numerous tests - ultrasounds, physiotherapist and opthamologists, we were allowed to bring her home. I was able to give breast cuddles rather than feeds, my milk never established and she easily switched between breast and bottle. I was also driving from 3wks after the surgery because it was faster to drive 20mins to the hospital over an hour bus ride. I didn't feel any ill effects from driving so early, and met the usual criteria of being able to use the pedals safely and stop suddenly without any difficulty or safety issues for me and others.

    It was tiring looking after a baby who went from 4hrly feeds to 3hrly, and recovering from pre-eclampsia and surgery, but it was a joy to have her home with us. We also had community visits from the midwives who checked up on families who'd had premmy bubs, and we learned how to do infant rescusitation. It relieved our minds having that skill, we haven't had to use it thankfully. When Elly was 6mths/4mths I had to go back to work and she was put into full time daycare. Since then we've gone through a couple of viruses with vomiting and diahhorea, asmtha and chicken pox. My husband also caught chicken pox and Elly was by far the easier patient. She's still got to have a check up in a few weeks to see if she needs glasses to correct long sightedness, and we've learned how to use puffers and spacers for asthma medication. At this point in time she's a happy little 18mth/16mth old, who captures everyone's heart with her sunny personality and smile.

    I find it interesting that I have 2 cousins on my mothers side who between them had 3 premmy babies each, a cousin had 3 averaging 6lbs and the other cousin had 3 averaging 4lbs birth weight. My sister-in-law also had a 36weeker. I don't know much more than that about their early experiences.

    Our time in NICU and a special care nursery was scary at first, but as our knowledge and confidence grew it got easier. We also lived close enough to the hospital to see her every day of the 5wks she was in hospital. I think overall we had a very positive experience.
    Tracy - Elly's Mum

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    kirsty Guest

    Tracy what a wonderful story, thankyou for sharing it. Your story is very similar to mine in so many ways. I totally understand the "losing your baby" bit, we left James for about an hour then my aunt & uncle came to visit & by the time we got back to the NICU he wasn't where I had left him. In fact the baby where he was was of asian appearance with heaps of black hair ~ where James was a little white weed with no hair at all. Was quite freaked out by it all until the nurse said he had actually moved bays coz he was doing so well. Like you I forced myself to move around fairly quickly after his birth & was driving 6days after his birth (in an automatic) coz it was easier for me to get to him.

    Hope all continues to go well with your darling daughter.

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    EllysMum Guest

    Before Elly's birth I was scared of having a newborn baby to care for, thinking I'd have a baby with around 6lb birth weight. When I got my little 3lb 6ozer it was so ironic, but I learned very quickly how to hold her. The NICU nurses picked her up by the head and bum, so I watched and asked questions on other ways I could handle my bub. Hubby and I used to get very devious around feeding times, devising ways to wake her up and cuddle her longer. Like changing her nappy way earlier than feed time and holding her for long periods after she'd finished feeding. When she came home it was lovely to be able to hold her whenever we wanted or needed a cuddle. Nowadays she's over 10kg and I'm developing strong muscles for holding her. Amazing how you change along with your baby. Oh Elly is our first, and I have learned that I don't have any further blood pressure problems, it was all pregnancy related. We are all doing pretty well now.
    Tracy - Elly's Mum

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    kirsty Guest

    I really can't get over how similar our stories are. I had problems with my BP whilst pregnant ~ not to the stage of pre-eclampsia though~ in fact both times that I have been PG I have ended up on BP tablets. And like you we devised sneaky tactics to be able to hold our baby for longer, he was a fraction bigger than Elly. James was 3lb 13oz, so only just a bit bigger & was terrified of holding anything so tiny. Amazing how quickly we got over that fear though. Also used to love kangaroo cuddles with him & feeling him snuggle up against my skin!!

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    May 2004


    What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    Kimberley is now 21 months old and you would not think she was 4lb 13oz at birth to look at her now.

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    EllysMum Guest

    Did anyone keep any souveniers from the hospital. The size of Elly's first nappy was practically doll's size, I asked for and received two different sizes of plastic nappies that the hospitals used with her. The first one was smaller than a personal hygiene or modess type pad. And her first beanie fit over the top of a coffee cup. I was allowed to keep her little eye shades that were used when she was under the light for jaundice. I loved the little clothes they put on her, like a pinafore (sorry can't spell). Elly also went into size 0000 she was too long for 00000. When my cousin had her last premmy I sent up the tiny singlets her mother had made for Elly, and the 0000 clothes Elly had grown out of, I know that the singlets were well used during her baby's time in hospital.
    Tracy - Elly's Mum

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    I had my last little girl at 37 weeks gestation (or so the doctors insisted) but she weighed only 5p5 when born and my midwife and i still say she was earlier than that...
    My waters broke and i had to be induced 24 hours later,they had a ped on standby,but thankfully she was breathing and feeding fine...We got to go home on the 5th day,but her weight had dropped to 4p13 by then...
    I had an u/s done two days before my water broke and she was measuring 31 w and 6 days on it,and my doctor told me she would only weigh about 4p at that stage,so we were happy she was a bit bigger....
    It has taken her 3 years to sleep through the night,and she had to wear 00000 clothes at birth because she was only a tiny tot....
    She still suffers problems with toilet training,and doesnt eat a terrible lot,but is very bright,talkative and smart toddler...Even though she is still tiny,at 10kgs,and still fits some size one clothes....(her tummy is too small often to keep size two clothes on!!)
    I am hoping this baby is bigger and is born a bit later,as i cant take 3 years of nearly sleepless nights again!!!
    Thanks for reading this!!!

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