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thread: Anyone had a premmie ?

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    kirsty Guest

    Vanita so wonderful to read your story. I understand the feeling that your baby isn't your baby. It is awfully hard to be sitting next to your baby & not being able to hold it whenever you want to, also heartbreaking to be going home at night & leaving them there. I found that hard to do too, just wanted to be with my little man ALL the time. But he is now 2 1/2yrs old & you would never know he was a premmie (1738g or 3lb13oz born at 32 weeks). Hope the twins are still going well.

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    kaz_april Guest

    hey guys,
    i had my DD at 26 weeks weighing 568 grams at nepeaen hospital she is now almost 16 months old. where has the time gone?
    shes doing well but just tiny...

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    kirsty Guest

    Kaz_april, congratulations on your daughter. She must have been so tiny when she was born, my son was almost three times her size when he was born & he was small enough. How is she going nowdays? Has her early birth affected her in any way?

    Anyway hope she is booming & continues to do so.

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    dace Guest

    ihad apremmie

    August 3 2004 i was 28 weeks pregnant and things were all progressing along fine.Little did i know what that day wouldholdin store forme.After aweekend of badback pain and having troublebreathing, i decided to headtothe doctor justto get a check up. After taking my bloodpressure and urine sample i was admitted to hospital. I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine.
    At around 4pm that after noon i went to the toilet and noticd that i was bleeding. After telling the nurses i went backto bed. At5.30pm the doctor cameand done and internaL examination and left the room. Me not knowing that he was tryingto get me on a plane and to the nearest hospital with a NICU. At 6.00pm the doctor came back as i wascomplaining ofcramping,me being young and this myfirst baby i didnt knowthat they were contractions. The doctor done another internal examination and found that i was 2cm dilated and i was having this baby.

    The doctor gave mesome pills to stop thelabouruntil i got to a biggerhospital where they were more equiped to dealwith this. At midnight i boarded the plane and headed to JHH. When i arrived at the hospital i was hooked up to a monitorto checkthe babies heart beat,it was a little fast but other than that it was fine.

    I got somesleep and a 6.00am the nurses camein and woke up mypartner and told him to put his scrubs on, then and there i knewthat ourbaby was going to be born. I had to have a c-section asourchoild had to comethen and there.

    3hrs latter i seen myson forthe first time. He weighed 724grams. He had amachine helpinghim to breath. I really didnt know what to think or feel. I could just see a little thing laying there that i knew was not surpossed to be here for another 12 weeks.

    I ampleased to say he only needed help to breath for his first day. But our journey was never smooth sailing. He indured 3 operations and countless testto tell us what was wrong with hisliver. Only to tell us he needs a liver transplaNT latter in life.

    I amhappy and proud to say that my son Dacian isnow7months old and weighs 5.06kg. Still small but very cute. To all other mothers experiencing this long and painfull journey,just remeneber there is hopethere and this littlemiracles sure know howtofight. We know we spent 18weeks in hospital but nowhe is home. The onlythingthat i regret is not talking to people moreabout the way i wasfeeling it hasnowcaught upwith me. Find people in the samesituation and u will have friends for life

    loveand best wishes to u all

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    Thanks for sharing your story with us Dace and Welcome to BellyBelly.


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    kirsty Guest

    Wow Dace what a wonderful story. I understand on the being scared thing, James was my first & found the whole "not knowing" what was going on was the worst bit. So glad to hear that your son is doing well now. Wishing you & your family all the best for the future.

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    Registered User

    Feb 2005
    out and about

    All the best Dace, it has to get better. Know that we are all thinking of you, and marvel in your braveness at such a difficult birth. All the best for your little man. May his life be blessed with health 8-[

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    Registered User

    Oct 2004

    My Mum had my sister 6 weeks premmie. Mum had just gone on maternity leave and my sister was born the next day. She had to stay in the neo natal ward in one of those humidicribs for about 2 weeks after being born. My sister came home from hospital on the day of my mums 21st birthday! What a nice pressie!! She was small at birth - 5 pound something, but it didnt affect her (no abnormalities or anything) as she has been totally healthy.

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    vivienneglen Guest

    Hi my name is vivienne and I have had to babies in nicu. My first son was 6 weeks early. He was delivered naturally no problems a healthy 5lbs 13. Was in the for 10 days. Unfortunatly with my second son I wasn't as lucky. Bailey was 11 weeks early and only 2lbs 13 ounces. He was born in brisbane as where I live on the gold coast has no nicu. He spent 7 weeks in hospital. It is the most heartwrenching thing to happen, to have c-section and not be able to hold your baby for days afterwards. I hope that if I decide to have another this won't happen again.

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    kirsty Guest

    Thanx for sharing your story. Wow at your 2nd baby being only 2lb13, a full pound & 1 ounce lighter than my son who was born at 32 wks. I totally hear you on how frustrating it is to have had a baby & not be able to hold it & do whatever you want whenever you want. Makes you feel a bit like you haven't really got a baby at all. Good luck with number three if you guys decide to try again.

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    Hi Vivienneglen,

    Wow at being early with both your children, have they looked into trying to find a reason why you aren't going full term with them ??


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    vivienneglen Guest

    It has been hard and a bit baffling but as they can see there is no problem don't kbow why my waters keep breaking, i ended up having emergency c-section with bailey as he was in danger of heart attack heart rate was 220 bpm.For how early he was born he was suprisingly well. Only 7 hours of oxygen. He has oesophagitis which is hard, really hurts him trying to manage as best as we can, some hearing loss, not too bad, other problems won't know till he progresses has small cyst in the brain too. Life is never easy with kids but they make it worthwhile his smile is amazing he is not really supposed to be doing most of what he is doing now still supposed to be a 6 week old but not him is actually a little advanced for 4 months. LOL thats my boys.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi Vivienne, and welcome to BellyBelly :wave:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us... I can't even begin to imagine how hard that must have been for you to go through... But it is so wonderful to hear that both of your kids are doing well, especially little Bailey

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    Registered User

    Mar 2005

    sotry of kids 1&2

    Hey guys u can read my birth stories in birth stories, but both of mine were premmie, my first was born at 35wks and 5days and was very floppy, needed to be in SCU for the entire time i was in hospital, only aloud out for boob and a quick nappy cahnage and cuddle 1/2 hr at the most, then back under light and oxygen, she couldn't come hm b/c her sucking reflex hadnt come in and she'd have 2 sucks them pass out but she was a good weight 6lbs 13.5ozs and stayed in an extra 2 weeks, i was miserable and tired having to go in and feed every 3-4hrs, but was wrapped when she came home. Now my 2nd was born 35wks and 6days and what a differnence his sucking reflex was in although he was very floppy and tired, he was in SCU the whole time but got to come home. What a differnce 1 day can make.xx O
    Ps welcome to BB Jo! O

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    juzzy7 Guest

    Blake was born at 33weeks by emergency c/s due to severe p/e & IUGR. He weighed 1690gms (3lb 11ozs), 43cm long & spent 28 days in hospital. He came home weighing approx 2.2kgms & was b/f for 6months. He's now a healthy, cheeky, happy almost 6yr old. =D>

    Fell pregnant & was stressed about things going wrong again. Had been having sharp pains on my left ovary side & the Dr thought I might have a cyst. Off for an u/s & their were 2 babies. Now you'd think I'd be over joyed at this news but we weren't. My SIL had lost fraternal boys at 29.4weeks & my DH & I were terrified. I didn't bond with them properly & my waters broke at 32.1weeks. I was flown to The Canberra Hospital where they tried to prevent my labour but the girls were eventually born after a 3 1/2hr labour without drugs. Haylee weighed 1510gms (3lb 5ozs) 41cm long & Tianna weighed 1985gms(4lb 6ozs) 44cm long. They spent 27 days in hospital. I b/f for 10 weeks. They had colic, reflux & cried & screamed for no reason. I got severe PND & am only now feeling back to my somewhat normal self.

    Sorry to ramble but just wanted to tell about me & my experiences.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2004

    hi there jussy
    just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and please dont ever feel that you are. I have twins that were born at 31 weeks, so i sorta know a bit what you are going through.

    It is hard enough having twins, let alone premmie twins. Sometimes i felt that people that had just one baby to look after didn't understand, and people that had full termers didn't realise how lucky they were.

    my godsend was the local multiple birth assoiciation where I could talk, *****, while or vent with them who had premmies and twins. The only people I felt that i could relate to.
    I used to take the kids to playgroup most weeks, even though they were still in the pram, and little babies - not for their sake, but for my sanity.

    If you can't get out, forums like this are a help, or otherwise the new families contact in your multiple birth group may be able to hook you up with someone near who has been there and done that, or even with twins that are around the same age as your.

    If you would like to email me, please feel free to odette_oz@yahoo.com.au
    otherwise I will keep an eye out if you want to reply in the forum
    take care of yourself. . . .
    mum to Ariel and Immogen

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    juzzy7 Guest


    Thanks for the reply. I live in a small town so don't have much support around. I must admit that them being 3 is alot easier than when they were newborns. I'm sure you understand what I mean.

    We don't have a local AMBA but I've been in touch with some mums of multiples.

    Forums have been a godsend too. I still find it hard to reply 'positively' to mums expecting twins. It's just upsetting for me, not a happy occasion at all.

    Take care

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    Registered User

    May 2004

    My first premmie was Kimberley born in 2003 weighing 4lb 13oz born by emergency c/section due to me having pre-eclampsia she was born at 35wks 4dys.
    My second was Alexander borm 11th May 2005 weighing 5lb 14oz born by emergency c/section again due to me having pre-eclampsia he was born at 36wks 6dys.

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