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thread: Anyone had a premmie ?

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    char Guest

    My daughter was born at 29 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. She weighed 855 grams. It was quite a surreal experience being totally unprepared for the birth so early in the pregnancy and not having adjusted quite yet to having a baby after such a short time- I was barely showing!! My blood pressure was 250/180 and the midwife wouldn't let me stand up. She took my blood pressure four times and use several different cuffs and stethoscopes because she couldn't believe the reading. I had protein in my urine. Within 30 minutes of being at the hospital i was in a bed with a magnesium drip and several others, a baby monitor strapped on and a catheter in. We were terrified. Less then 24 hrs later i was signing a consent form which I couln't read due to the drugs the doctors had me on and being prepped for an emergency ceasarian as my baby's heartrate was slowing. An hour later Emily was born, the doctors warned us that she would not be breathing but she let out a squawk and took a breath, she was ventilated for 12 hours and then breathed on her own with the assistance of cpap after that. I remember her starting on 1m of breastmilk per hour. Our time spent in NICU was very positive and the kangaroo cuddles were my most favourite thing of all, we spent most of our time at the hospital cuddling, expressing, singing and playing with Emily. My husband used to finish work at 1am and go to the hospital o cuddle and feed her. So sweet!!
    I was actually feeling quite high after herbirth and didn't feel at any time that we were going to lose her. Emily remained in hospital for 64 days and came home 2 weeks before she was due to be born weighing 2.2 kilo's. I have since had another baby girl called Zoe and the pregnancy was perfect and she went full term. I did take cardiprin as a preventative for the blood pressure elevation but it remained fine throughout the pregnancy.

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    snoozy Guest

    Hi, its amazing how reading others premmie experiences still evokes so much emotiion in me... I was 31 weeks 3 day when my membranes started leaking. I was taken straight to hospital, and after an examination given steriods, precautionary antibiotics and admitted. I was on complete bed rest, only allowed to go to the toilet when i was desperate, and monitored every two hours for signs of infection. After 48 hours the Dr arranged a scan, and as baby had very little water around him, it was decided he was at greater risk out than in. I was transferred to the general hospital with NICU facilities, and after 5 fairly uneventful hours of inducement (I got to 3cm dialated) we agreed a caesar was less risk to bubba. At 9pm that night my darling little boy, Slade Connor arrived, with a first apgar of 9, weighing 1.995kg (4lb6oz). He did not require any assistance breathing, however it took a few days to regulate his temperature. He spent a week in SCBU with a naso-gastric tube feeding him expressed milk and formula, and we are so fortunate that he thrived really from the start. My room was two floors away, and I don't think anyone who has not been through this experience can fathom the emotion experienced leaving them in the care of nurses while you return to your room for sleep. He was a guts from the start, and started developing the ability to suck at the breast from about day 4. As all that was required now was for him to transfer all feeds to the breast, we were transferred back to the private hospital where my journey started. This was wonderful as I was able to day board, and could have him in a room with me most of thime, and wold then go home to my husband and own bed at night. After another two weeks he was ready to come home, and we haven't looked back

    He is now 18 months, 14kg, and a definate alpha male!! I sometimes wonder how such a big bruiser grew from such a tiny start.... and then i look bakc at the first photos, and it is as though it was yesterday.

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    Dec 2005
    Home of the Winery Walkabout!

    My precious angel Isabella was born at 37 w due to iso-immunisation.My blood levels were sky high and my ob thought that it would be wiser to transfer me to the royal womens in melb for inducement.
    We were meant to be induced at 8am but by 2pm, they finally found me a bed and i was induced.5 hours later Bella was born with her cord wrapped around her neck tightly....I saw her for a second and they took her up to NICU.I was allowed to rest for an hour and then was sent up to the ward,DH was allowed to stay with me until we were told that we were allowed up in NICU to see our baby.
    We went up to be told that she was very sick and that she needed a double volume blood transfusion and a platelet transfusion straight away, I wasn't allowed to touch her and I was starting to feel useless. Went back downstairs to the ward where i had a rest.
    At 10pm that next night DH was told he couldn't come up to the ward to get me so I discharged myself and went up to see my daughter. By this time she had tubes and lines coming out from all around her, but i still wasn't allowed to touch her.DH and I went downstairs and across the road to the flats and then went and got some food(1am).
    6am next morning received a phone call saying that the blood transfusion had finished and we could come back up..she still had the lines in just in case she needed another lot of blood. She had to have B/T every 4 hours, so we went up to check on her then.
    After four days under the phototherapy lights in NICU, Bella was finally moved into the SCN nursery.She still wasn't out of danger, but her condition had improved. The Paed came in and said that one set of lights could be taken away, but we had to keep checking her levels.After that, when the first lot of blood came back we found that her levels had risen again.Second set of bloods came back 4 hrs later and her levels had stabled.I was allowed to touch her now, but still couldn't have a cuddle! Every time after that she seemed to get better, the next morning they took the second set off her and her levels rose, then steadied out again.By the third day, when all the lights were off her, i was allowed to cuddle and feed her for the first time.Two days before we wanted to come home with Bella, we had to make a flying trip home to get our two eldest children ready to start school again after the holidays. It was then I promised my eldest daughter that her baby sister would be home in 2 days.
    Bella's levels rose that night and it seemed like she wouldn't be allowed to come home, but after the took her last bloods the results were good, so 1 week after Bella was born she came home.
    She has had two more transfusions since , one at 3 months and the other at 4 months.Her levels are now stable and she has been giving the all clear.

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    Jan 2006

    Zachs story:

    At 30.5 weeks i had a routine checkup. My bp was up so they sent me to the hospital (was booked in at a birth centre) as they suspected Pre-eclampsia.

    Was admitted straight away and told I'd be on bedrest til 37 weeks and then induced. I had no idea what PE even was, nor what it 'meant' to have a premmie so I just kept asking 'when can i go home' and didnt understand why they wouldnt even let me go home to pack my hospital bag.

    the next day I had a scan done and they changed my time til delivery to about 2 weeks. I was given a steroid injection to help his lungs deliver.

    The next day I had another more thorough scan and they changed it to 'at most 10 days' until he would be born as my placenta hadnt been working, they guessed it stopped wprking properly around 26 weeks.

    the next day, 31 weeks I woke up feeling fine, by early afternoon was headachish and panic buttons were hit.

    Was prepped for surgery and tiny 2lb 12 ounce Zach was born. He spent almost 6 weeks in hospital and has had some developmental and growth issues but all in well is doing fantastically at 3 years old now.

    Isobellas story:

    At 32 weeks my BP started creeping again, I'd been paranoid my whole pregnancy and had not had an easy time with SPD, false labour, haemorraging and so on.... I was in hospital on bedrest for a few days and they anticipated i was going to deliver so I was given the steroid injections once again.

    A couple of days later i was sent home and though my BP kept rising, it wasnt severe enough to deliver yet.

    At 35 weeks I started celebrating for almost getting to the 'home run'.

    I went to bed at 1am having just left messages on the internet celebrating that success...

    at 4am I awake with a killer headache and panic station was worse than ever. i was rushed to hospital with my bp at 225/165, I was hyperventalating and losing conciousness. It took thme hours and hours to stabilize me, they didnt know what was wrong because it wasnt PE this time just hypertension but my body was shutting down. I was getting ready to be taken to ICU when finally the magnesium sulphate started working and my BP came back down. Within 5 minutes im sitting up asking if I can go home again... HAAAAA!

    4 hours later it started again only this time they'd didnt mess around i was rushed in for an emergency c-sect and isobella was born weighing a hefty 5lb 12 ounces!! During surgery my BP actually dropped down very low as more drugs kicked in at last.

    Thankfully bella got to come home with me and her only problem was needing some oxygen at birth and then having jaundice but both are common. So far shes doing great, shes 6 months old now and growing WAY too fast for me ... shes the same size at 6 months that zach was at 18 months... its unbelievable the difference.

    This time around im only 15 weeks and have bp problems since week 8, things arent looking good and my ob has told me 32 weeks would be 'good' but im booked in for a c-sect at 36 weeks so of course thats ideal. only time will tell tho!

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    Wow Charmaine, you've certainly been through it with your pregnancies!

    I was admitted at 28 weeks pregnant, after I just popped in to ante natal clinic to have my bp checked - because my dad was worried it was a bit high.
    When I asked them what my bp was, the nurse didn't tell me because she didn't want me to worry! The next thing I knew, I was admitted on to the ward and I was trying so hard to hold back the tears.

    About 10 mins later, a consultant took me to labour ward. Suddenly, I was surrounded by anaesthatists, midwives, consultants, with drips being put in, medication flying about, and the trace going like mad. Poor dh looked pale and in shock!

    Luckily, they got my bp down to a more manageable level and so I stayed in hospital until 33 weeks, where finally the pre eclampsia got too bad to control anymore. I also had scans, which showed I had a 'mature placenta' - so they had already to deliver early anyway.

    Meanwhile, I had a blockage in my windpipe from where i'd been intubated as a child and had incurred damage from that. To cut a long story short, I had an emergency operation on my windpipe at 30 weeks pregnant. No one new if the baby would start early labour, or go into distress because of the strain on my body during the operation.

    When I was taken down to theater, I saw the incubator and all the obstaetricians on stand by. I cried so much, I could hardly breathe. The last thing I said as I was being sedated was (grabbing someone's hand)pleading with them to look after my baby. I was pretty certain I was going to die that day.

    Waking up in recovery was strange. I woke up with an image of dh, me, and a little girl holding my hand. I am so lucky we all made it through ok.

    Delivery was by EMCS at 33 weeks. Seren was taken straight up to NICU, and weighed 3lb6oz.

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    Katie1982 Guest

    Anyone had a premmie?

    I am new here.

    My first and only baby was delivered at 36 weeks by c-section on December 6th 2005.

    He has stopped growing at 30 weeks but it took the doctors a while to figure that out. I was given 2 steroid injections (ouch!!!) 2 weeks before the planned caesear to help develop Ethans lungs. I had to go into hospital everyday for that 2 weeks to have Ethans heart monitored and to check the fluid, placenta and see if he had grown.

    On the day of the caesar I was a nervous wreck because we had been told by the doctors Ethan was only 1.5kg, that his head wasn't in proportion to his body and that there was a possibility of birth defects but we would't know any of that until he was born. It goes without saying that that was an awful 2 week wait.

    To cut a long story short - Ethan was born on December 6th 2005 and weighed 1.93kg. He did not have any birth defects and his body was well proportioned.

    I got to hold him for 1 minute before they took him away and I didn't see him for 2 days because he was in Special Care Nursery on the 4th level. I was on he 6th level. Due to the amount of pain after the caesar, it made it impossible to get out of bed. My fiance was fantastic - he took the video camera and digital camera down to Special Care and took heaps of footage of Ethan and would bring it back up to me to see. He even put photos in frames for me to have beside my bed. That gave me the courage to push through the pain barrier and go and see my little boy!!!

    The hardest thing for me was knowing that I had had a baby but it didn't feel like it because he wasn't with me. The lady I shared the room with had her baby with her and that was difficult to watch.

    Ethan had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks because his weight had dropped down to 1.77 kg and he wasn't allowed home until he was 2kg.

    It was so hard going home without him. Words can't even describe it. I did alot of pacing up and down my hallway.

    Ethan is now 6 weeks old and weighs 3.1kg. He has shocked everyone by the amount of progress he has made and is making each day.

    I feel so blessed to have him in my life and every agonising minute of stress and worry was well worth it.

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    BellyBelly Member
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    Feb 2005

    Hi Katie

    When I had Maria (and she was in NCC) they gave me a single room because there was one available + they knew it is hard for mums without their babies.

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    jullyn06 Guest

    hi, im new, my last baby (no.5) had to be induced at 36weeks due to me suffering cholestasis of pregnancy. he came out grey, not breathing and had to be resucitated twice. he spent 8 days in special care, and didnt get to have his first breastfeed until he was 5 days old. He made fantastic progress after that, and we took charlie home when he was 11 days old. Our fantastic hospital let me stay with him the whole time. im now expecting no 6, and have just started to itch with the cholestasis again. This means i will be induced early again, so im pretty nervous, and hoping for a good outcome.

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    Apr 2004

    Hi jullyn06, welcome to BellyBelly and congrats on No. 6! How far along are you? I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy and bub doesn't have to arrive too early. All the best!

    Katie - hi to you too! It's great to hear that Ethan is doing well now. He sounds like a tough little guy! I know what you mean about not having bub with you in hospital too. I had my own room in hospital, but I was surrounded by mums and bubs in all the other rooms and I had to lay in bed listening to them all cry all night. Very hard! I agree with you though - it's all worth it!

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    jullyn06 Guest

    thanks becc, im now 22 weeks along, and it is going pretty quick with the other 5 to look after. when some of them go back to school, im hoping i can have a couple of quiet days. best wishes to everyone here on the forum, it is so interesting to hear other people talking about their experiences too. regards, julie

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    Feb 2005


    jullyn06 - hope your pregnancy is going well, the quiet days are coming soon.

    becc - how is joshua going? Maria us now 5.2kg and growing. Where are you in Sydney?

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    Apr 2004

    Hi again Julie,

    22 weeks...that's great - past half way! I hope you get some quiet time to yourself soon. O Keep in touch and let us know how you are going.

    Hey Louise,

    Josh is going well thanks. I just had him weighed this morning...he is now 6.5kg. I've had to pack away a lot of little outfits - which made me happy but a bit sad at the same time! He can roll from his back to his left side now. I think he's trying to make it that little bit further onto his tummy, but can't quite work out how to get over that pesky bottom arm! I'm in Wattle Grove. Where abouts are you? It's good to hear that Maria is doing well too.

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Becc

    We live in Kensington. Maria is growing so quickly as well. She has outgrown so much this last few weeks. It is sad whe they grow out of their little outfits. It is amazing to look at theor first premmie clothes or even what they came home in and see just how small they were.

    Maria went to her orientation at childcare this morning. She starts next Tuesday for 2 days per week and I start work the following Tuesday. She played really well and ended up falling asleep in the arms of her carer, very cute. Then she had her swimming lesson. and now I don't expect her to wake up for quite a while yet.

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    Apr 2004

    Hi Louise,

    I know what you mean about looking at their first premmie clothes - I pulled out some of Josh's first little suits the other day (00000's) and I held them up against him...the feet in the suits only reach as far as his knees now!! I can't believe how much he has grown.

    Can I ask how you went about finding child care for Maria? What type of care is she going into? How are you feeling about her first day? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just really interested as I may have to do the same for Josh. At this stage, my DH and I are hoping to work our shifts around each other (so that we work opposite days) and share his care between ourselves but that may not work out and I need to explore the alternatives...

    How is Maria going with her swimming lessons? Where do you take her? I'm looking at doing the same with Josh, I just have to find somewhere locally that I can take him.

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Bec

    The childcare centre that Maria is going to is new, that is why we were able to get her in so quick, in the Eastern Suburbs you can wait for years to get into some centres. There is a website which will help you look for centres in your area (contact me & I would be happy to pass on the address), it really helped me to find what was available close to home and work. She will be going on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.30am to 5.30pm, I think this is refered to as long day care. They provide everything for her (except EBM), even nappies.

    Maria seems to like her swimming, she kicks in the water now and will also kick a ball around the pool. It tires her out for ages. I take her to Maroubra Swim School as it is close by, has small classes and takes babies under 6 months old.

    Talk to you soon

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    JJ Guest

    Hi Belly Belly,
    I'm new here and hope to be able to talk to other mums that have had premmie babies and are expecting again. My little girl was born 6.5 weeks prem, she is noe 10 months old and doing great. We are also 9.5 weeks pregnant with number 4 and hoping for a smooth ride this time.

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    Feb 2005

    goodluck with your pregnancy JJ, my daughter was 5.5weeks early and is now 5months old. We hope to ttc around nov/dec

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    JJ Guest

    Thank-you kitten2b. We are hoping that all goes well this time around but I still get a little worried that things could go a little wrong. This time we are a lot better prepared for what no-one told us could happen. Could luck to you for your future plans, I hope that all goes well for you and your family. A friend once said to me that no matter how bumpy the ride the destination is always beautiful and well worth the journey.

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