Had the same thing at the shops with all my bubs. And only DS2 was prem (the others were smaller due to growth restriction from high BP). If I didn't feel like talking to some stranger I wouldn't. I'd smile & walk away. I know it sounds rude, but how rude is it to go up to a stranger in the shops & comment on their baby?

And occasionally some would be persistent & get in my way so I couldn't move- those would get a stare/glare, or if I was in a bad mood they would get told to move. DH says I have a scary don't mess with me look on my face when I'm shopping- it keeps the people who want to 'rub the bump' away.

Don't feel ashamed at the amazing story you & your princess have, but you don't have to share it with everyone if you don't want to. Don't let people make you feel bad- hold your head high & be proud of where you & DD have come from.