thread: Update on my boys

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    Wink Update on my boys

    So... it's been a while since I've been on here, what can I say? Life gets in the way sometimes

    Things are going great, DS1 starts grade one this year, scary thought! He is doing SO well considering everything he's been through. We can finally say he is HEALTHY. NO emergency admissions for 18 months! *touching wood*
    He's weighing a whopping 18.05kg now, almost 4kg in 18 months (since his major emergency surgery and PICU admission). I KNEW he had bowel issues and sometimes I kick myself for not making them listen to me, but hey can only learn from it all. All I can say now is I trust my gut instinct more than ever. Developmentally he still needs help, he's not where he should be for starting grade one, but that's why they have EA's He's looking forward to being with the "big kids" when he goes to the big school.

    DS2 starts kindy, I know crazy right? He's 3.5yrs old already He's looking forward to going, he'll be going to the big school full-time (DS1 attends the local smaller campus 3 days per week and the bigger school 2 days). Developmentally, no delays, but he still has some troubles with his SPD (he's an avoider) hopefully kindy can help him come out of his shell a bit He has the speech and language there but he doesn't use it when it's expected of him to use it, possible Selective Mutism however at the moment they are saying social anxiety. Not surprised with everything he's witnessed with DS1.

    So that's us really, not much has really happened, two healthy kids, far from what it was 18 months ago where DS1 almost died (Dr's say he should have... determined little boy ) and DS2 still had lung issues due to prematurity.

    Hope you are all well

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    Glad to hear things are pretty much going great for you. I hope the issues you have still keep being overcome xoxo

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    Glad to read your update.. Your boys are growing up sooooo fast! I'll come back and reply properly, for now though I'm off to bed

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    Wow Sally! I am so glad you and your boys are doing so well atm!
    Time sure does fly though hey. I should get to bed now but just so you know I'm back in 'the old home town' for the next few months housesitting my parents so if you're ever around and wanna catch up don't hesitate yo let me know.
    Take care hun

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    That is just wonderful news to read! Your boys can come such a long way and they'll do great things!

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    Update on my boys

    So glad both boys are doing well and are healthy

    Can't believe how fast the time has gone.

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    Your little guys are growing up and going to school. Wow what a great time for you all. I am so happy for you all that things are going so well. I hope they both enjoy school.

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    Really glad to hear the boys are doing well, good to "see" you around

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    Update on my boys

    I love reading your updates on Facebook hun xx

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    Thanks so much I couldn't be any prouder!