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Thread: Basal Thermometers for Conception / Charting in the BB store - $16.95 inc. postage

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    Thumbs up Basal Thermometers for Conception / Charting in the BB store - $16.95 inc. postage

    For all of you who are charting your cycle, a basal thermometer is much more accurate than standard digital thermometers.

    They are available in the BB online store for only $16.95 including delivery - such a bargain and you don't have to leave your chair to order and receive one.

    Order your basal thermometer HERE.

    If you would like more information on charting or how a basal thermometer can help you, check out this BellyBelly article: Charting Your Cycle For Conception.

    BBT or Basal Body Temperature

    When charting, it is best to take your temperature first thing in the morning before you get up. It’s important to take this temperature at the same time everyday, with the same thermometer, after three hours of uninterrupted sleep. While this is not always possible, there is no need to worry if you forget or have a bad chart day! I fell pregnant with my second child on my first charted cycle, with lots of interrupted sleep and some irregular time taking!

    When you purchase a thermometer, the best sort to buy should have BBT on it, however I know many people that have successfully charted with a thermometer from the supermarket or chemist. As long as you use the same one to recognise your body’s fluctuations you’ll be fine. BellyBelly stocks highly accurate basal thermometers in our online store, which have an accuracy to +/-0.05 degrees centigrade, and measuring two decimal places.

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