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Thread: Pregnancy Tests, ovulation, period....SO CONFUSED

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    Smile Pregnancy Tests, ovulation, period....SO CONFUSED

    Hi All,
    I am a first time poster in this forum.
    I am hoping for some experiences and ideas...if any.
    Sorry its a bit of a story however I will try to make it short.

    So January 21 whilst on the pill got my period. However, I went away for the long weekend and didn't bring the pill.
    So guess I stopped taking the pill on 23 January.
    Period didn't stop until 30th January (Yes almost 2 week period) which I have never had!
    So I'm guessing my dates etc will be all out.

    There has been a couple of BD sessions along the way. So I was assuming I could become pregnant!
    However, I have done 3 at home tests and they have come up negative.

    I have no period, a few early symptoms so I was assuming....that it would have been positive. Although my dates etc could be wrong or I am just not pregnant, I'm not sure....all this stuff is so confusing. With DS it was so straight forward...
    I am seeing my GP next week, but just wondering if anyone had similar experience and ended up pregnant?
    Or any ideas what this could be?

    Look forward to your response.

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    Default Re: Pregnancy Tests, ovulation, period....SO CONFUSED

    Hi and welcome to Bellybelly!

    Cycles can be so confusing! It is completely normal for your period to be out when coming off or missing the pill. Pregnancy tests are usually pretty accurate and may even detect a pregnancy before your period is due. In saying that if your dates are out you just never know 😊

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