thread: Confused, looking for direction and advise. Where to from here?

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    May 2011

    Confused, looking for direction and advise. Where to from here?

    I hope I'm not hijacking anything but I am hoping for some advise please.
    How does one become a Pagan?
    I am of Celtic ancestory and find myself at one with nature. I think I would follow an earth centred perspective unsure which.
    I have discovered that my special talent is strengthening with age. I can now feel and sometimes see what others can not. On occation they come to me with very loud thoughts and basicly demand my attention. (I recently found out that this seams to be a talent that runs through the celtic connection of our family)
    Pagonisim interests me a great deal and I am looking for direction.
    As strange as this may sound I find I am almost being drawn to pagonisim but I have no idea how to go about imersing myself, and learning.
    How does one learn (not sure thats the right term) and strengthen.
    I have done many hours research online and still I find myself confused and unsure of a nice starting point.
    I am a list maker so for me I need a good starting point.
    How do you find a local pagon community? Is this something I need to do?
    I feel I am being drawn but I don't know how to find the path through the scrub.
    Should I make contact with PAN?
    Thanks in advance

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    Dec 2007
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    Not sure I can help much, but I basially just $tarted calling myself pagan. I was in high school and had a few friends also interested so we did some circles etc together but a majority of stuff I did myself. I dont follow a specific path, sort of altered things to suit me. I have friends who have certain paths and do specific things and actually have a certain ranking etc. sorry being on my phone I cant easily find the specifics but I can if you want.
    Through a friend a uni I got invovled in a local group who did fullmoon circles where I met others in the community. They dont really do them anymore but there are a few that organise meets etc but only happen like one a year now...and I dont live in that area anymore.
    There is a website called witchvox you can select your state and they have meets and shops etc (if there are any listed) for your area. And yea get in contact with PAN and they will let you know whats around.
    Hope that helps, where are u? (once again on my phone can see =) )
    Ill see if I can find out what courses my friend does, courses is the easiest way to descibe it, cause they are structured self activities you can do and they might help you find your path, or give you a start

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    May 2011

    I contacted PAN last year and they gave me the phone number of a lady who has a coffee group for Witches in Werribee,Vic. on a specific Saturday on a monthly basis. The only problem I have is I want to go by myself and not with dc. Dh works a lot of saturdays so I find it hard to get to the shop and in all honesty on one income not really an afordable option at this point in time.
    I will contact PAN again and see if there is another group.
    I will have a look at witchvox today thanks for that.
    I appreciate your advise.