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    Not really sure how to go about it, never really needed it before... (Odd I never thought about it lol but I haven't)

    The last few months have been really difficult and I am now at a crossroads and find myself wanting to ask for (I keep thinking pray lol) for guidance, but it dawned on me I'm not really sure how to do it.
    Is there a 'formal' way to ask for help from the gods? I have no idea


    Lex x
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    I don't ask for guidance from the gods as such, but then my box is a bit strangely shaped iykwim I tend to meditate on what I need, and put it out there without labeling a deity. I know plenty of friends that will do rituals around guidance (I have done them too) but I find for me meditation works best. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing is best, if it doesn't feel right don't do it. Or were you after a specific spell or ritual?

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    Thanks Rouge
    That is usually how I function, I suppose that is probably why I have never given it much thought before. But at the moment I feel like a need something....more? I think I was after a particular ritual, bit of comfort in the process iykwim

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    I'm like Rouge with the just meditating on things.

    I do work within a very formal "group" (loathe to call it a coven as it isn't technically pagan) as well.

    Maybe cast a simple circle, calling in the elements and the "god" and "goddess" as godforms (not specific deities), sit in the circle, meditate/think/prey on what guideance you require, then thank the god/goddess and elements as you release them. Also maybe use a candle as focus during the ritual, then outside of the ritual have that candle sitting somewhere safe/sacred and light it every night (or whenever feels comfortable) and meditate with that for 5 minutes or so.

    Hope this helps

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    LImey, I find whatever work I can do to get "clear" within myself helps. That might mean meditation, it might mean doing some healing work (if my energy's getting a bit cluttered) - a salt bath or two helps. But for me the most crucial thing is going 'deeper' to really get in touch with the core questions, or my actual intent. Often by getting clearer about the issue brings you closer to understanding the answer. HTH

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    I go lie on the grass.

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    I use my Tarot deck for guidance. Usually helps me heaps.

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    Thanks girls

    As it turns out, I put it out there and in the wee small hours of this morning received a phone call from an obvious but overlooked person in my older brother, who through his drunken haze (lol) has made things clearer than they have been in a long time...and brought things I thought were out of my reach, firmly within my hold again.

    And again she has provided.

    BB x

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    Really happy for you Lex, wonderful news xxxx

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    So you knew how to do it all along!

    Glad She got the message to you and it helped.

    BB xxx