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Thread: how did you find your path?

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    Default how did you find your path?

    After reading Helle's post about good books about paganism it got me thinking;
    how did you find your path? what lead you to paganisum? was it a natural thing or where you raised with parents that where into it? I know i'm still finding my path with it and i was interested in how others found theirs. and interested to see where their path has taken them too.

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    I was raised in my original path, but over the years I have evolved and taken bits from other pathways that resonate with me.

    With my current initiate (my bestie I'm helping train), while she is leaning towards the Celt pathways, my other bestie and I are making sure she has a base knowledge in most of the pagan/hethen paths before she decides on which way she wants to go.

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