thread: incorporating Paganism into everyday life

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    incorporating Paganism into everyday life

    As part of my healing process over the events around Quark's birth, I'm finally started to get back into it. I have been feeling like I have neglected my spiritual needs a fair bit but never did anything about it. Now I am starting to get back in to it. In my head I say I am getting back into my faith etc... even though this is a Christian word..but it is the only one I know to describe it.
    So how do you incorporate Paganism into your everyday life?
    One thing I have noticed is the more basic I get with my tasks, and the more domestic I am, the more it fills my spiritual cup so they say. eg.. moping the floors, or hanging out a load of washing etc...

    (damn it, baby is awake, ill bbl)

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    Sep 2013

    Re: incorporating Paganism into everyday life

    Mindfulness is key for me. Taking time to meditate, but especially being aware while performing actions and dedicating them to the light (or whatever you want to dedicate actions to).
    Another big thing for me is getting out into nature. And again with the mindfulness, being aware of the sun, weather, plants and animals, stars, planets etc, acknowledging them, noticing their influence on me, and being aware of my influence (or lack thereof) on them.
    One thing that I haven't been doing lately but I'd like to get back into is acknowledging all the things that go into feeding and supporting me.

    Good luck with it!