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Does the dualism of male/sun and woman/moon ever apply to you?
I do use them. My cycle ties in with the cycle of the moon, I ovulate during the dark moon and bleed during the full moon.

I use the trinity quite a bit.
Female: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Male: Warrior, Father, Sage

The Triple Goddess is the easiest one to visualise, because it is the moon cycles )0(

I very much try to balance everything I do, if I ask a God for help/advice, I will also ask a corresponding Goddess (not necessarily from the same pantheon, ie utilisation of a Greek God and Goddess). My girlfriend Stacey has some incredible Gods/Titans and Goddess/Sirens cards out. The Gods/Titans have a wide range of different paths (from Hindi, Norse, Greek, Roman to Celtic), same as the Goddess/Sirens cards.

The concept of balance is pretty easy.