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    Your Spirituality & Religion Guidelines

    Please be aware while posting in this forum that we are talking about something which is intensely close to people's hearts. As a group the moderators and administrators have come up with some guidelines to follow.

    1) No offensive or off colour comments about individuals associated with religions like the Pope, Dalai Lama etc

    2)Threads that may be seen as "Which religion is best" should be avoided as well as anything that is a put down to other religions. Same goes for those that believe they are better at their religion than say other denominations or other subgroups within their religion.

    3) No quotes (even from bibles, quoran, torah etc), that can be seen as offensive to people of other religions

    4) The purpose is to have a positive place to discuss religion, not for people to post saying religion is stupid and you don't need it. You can talk about problems you have with your own religion etc, but in a constructive way.

    5) People should be very careful when implying one way of practising religion is better than another, i.e. that those who follow a more ritualistic religion like Islam or Judaism don't have any real meaning behind their actions - that they are blind followers or hypocrites etc.

    Everyone should remember this; not everything that is thought should be said, not everything that is said should be written down, and not everything that is written down should be published.

    If you have anything you would like to add please feel free to contact the administrator of this forum: Rouge

    or the moderators: OceanPrincess, ~TT40~
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