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Thread: Do you ever feel "complete"

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    Default Do you ever feel "complete"

    I feel a NEED to have another baby. Im not sure if my family is genuinely not complete or is it never going to feel complete without Anthony here?
    I dont want to have another child still not be complete to realise its because anth isnt earthside.
    Angel mummas help me do you/have you felt this way? Do you ever feel complete?
    I want to know before jumping into ttc for what maybe the wrong reasons
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    I was just discussing this with my sister and I honestly believe I will always want another baby. I don't think my brain or body will tell me when I am done. I am very happy with the gorgeous children I have been blessed with and thankfully that is my reminder everyday. I have already achieved more than I ever dreamed of and that makes me happy :-)

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    I do, but I dont.... I went through alot of "spiritual" thoughts around my angels and my precious earth babies... when I lost my angels.. I had this feeling they would come back to me.. and I truly beleive that they have. Not that my earth babies have "replaced" them in any way, but I feel whole that my angels spirits have come back and in that sense I do feel complete.

    BUT there is still an empty part there... even though I beleive their sprits are here.. my reality still knows that my angels are missing.. so there is always still that void. I beleive I am finished having babies, financially and realistically I dont see any more babies in the future (although I do find myself saying that would change if I won the lotto lol) and I am ok with that. I am content with my family as it is. I think that if i was going to keep trying to fill that void, I would never stop having babies, because having more babies would never make that feeling go away- because its the feeling of missing my babies who arnt here. So I just accept that feeling as me missing them, which i will do no matter how many more children I may or may not have!

    Sorry if that is jumbled!! Its late xoxoxxo

    So I dont know.. I think before you TTC you need to know for yourself if that feeling is just you missing Anthony, or if it is you wanting another baby to add to your family xoxoxo

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