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thread: Parenting after Loss or Miscarriage ~ February 2011

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    Oct 2009
    Lalor, VIC

    Sigh, double post.

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    Feb 2007

    Awwww Teni lots of

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    Mar 2010

    I wish you could have both your babies here with you.

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    Apr 2007

    I wish I could say something comforting TB, but nothing I can think of would make it suck any less.

    I haven't been on BB for ages but it's nice to see a few familiar names. It does seem quiet here though.

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    Jan 2008

    Just popping in to say Hi and see if there is anyone in here.

    Just wanted some advice on wether I should talk to DS's about what has happened and why mummy is so sad or wether I should just keep it hidden from them.

    I just hope that I can overcome this feeling and get back to being a fun and happy mum.

    I know no one has really posted in here lately but just needed to get it out.

    I also have never really talked to them about their big brother who is in heaven. Its all coming back to me now and feel like all the grief is going to take over. Ahhh I just need to get it together!

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    Mar 2007

    Deedles, Im sorry again for your losses. It must be so hard to face this again after what you have already been through. You need to give yourself time to grieve and sometimes that will be in front of your kids unfortunately. As for what to do about telling them, well its totally upto you, and whether you feel its best for you. They are still quite young so probably wont understand properly, but if you feel its best for them to know then tell them.

    My DS1 is 5.5yo and DS2 is 3.5yo and we did tell them about our first two losses (early 2011) but DS2 didnt really understand because he was too young. He would say (at random times) 'mummy has a baby in her tummy but it died', and that did upset me from time to time because I wasnt expecting him to say it. So we didnt tell them about the last two, but my grief I couldnt hide. Both were really kind and wiped away my tears. DS2 asked why mummy is so sad and crying, but I just said i was sad because I missed my baby. He didnt ask any more questions.

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