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thread: Parenting After Miscarriage or Loss - February 2010

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    Aug 2006

    Jo - Like the other girls have said, these sorts of scans happen all the time and more often than not end in healthy pregnancies. My DS2 was the same. I must admit I didn't worry all that much because we had no idea of dates but waiting for the repeat scan was haaaard.

    Sorry I'm not around much atm guys, just a bit 'meh' and not much to say. Thinking of you all though.

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    Oct 2006
    home sweet home.

    Sorry about the funky spacing, on my iPhone.

    Sorry ladies but I've only just skimmed through the posts because there are so many.

    Jo: I agree with the wonderful
    advice given. Try to hold on to some hope babe. I hope the dr can put your mind at ease tomorrow. (hug)

    Lee: hun I'm not going to pretend that I know
    what losing a DH is like, it hurts to even contemplate. What I
    do know is that you are a one of the most beautiful, compassionate and gorgeous people I've had the pleasure of getting to know. You should be so proud that despite
    you tragic losses, you have not only survived
    but become such a wonderful soul. Your older
    kids may not have their biological father here on earth buy they have a bloddy amazing Mum.

    Michelle: only two sleeps Hun. Thinking of you.

    Freya: O needed to have a skin ***** test whilst we lived
    in Sydney. We saw a brilliant pead and paediatric
    dermatoligist, PM if you want their details. Hope
    DS is feeling better.

    Janie: hope you're doing ok today.

    Sorry for the lack of persies, both boys in bed and so should I. O is fine, some bactial cream and whatever the spots are is almost gone. I hope
    this isn't inappropriate but I just had to share that B gave me a big gummy smile today complete with gorgeous gooing noises. Makes my heart sing. oh and he was 5.6kgs when I got him weighed yesterday which means he has gained 1.64kg's since birth.


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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Do you realise Spring that Imogen is only 4.4kgs heavier at 28 months than your gorgeous newborn!

    Jo, I too am hoping that all is well. I can only imagine how hard this news is - please remember that there are some very wonderful & positive stories in here with similar beginnings to you. Big big cuddles. xxxx

    Michelle: 2 more sleeps left my love... I am thinking, hoping and praying for you & Omar and G....xxx

    Me: Well it's been a crappolla day here. The FOTY is being a twat again - withdrawn his agreement to the offer that was accepted in January... Anyways it's being handled by my new Solicitor who is a director of the firm - and is about as feisty as a pit bull...

    I have a feeling that it's going to be fine.

    Tomorrow is Imogen's appointment to get her chromosome fancy schmancy test result... Feeling apprehensive but accepting whatever is...

    So I won't be around until tomorrow evening. Janie big cuddles and thinking of you always.

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    Sep 2006

    Jo I'm sorry your scan wasn't as good as you'd hoped but you do have some positives to hang onto and that's what counts right now Hopefully your Dr will have some more info for you tomorrow and will get you to have another scan in a week or so. I know its hard but please try to rest up now too

    Spring WOOHOO on B's weight gain and how cute are those 1st smiles and goo's. Never ever apologise for telling us these things. It these happy moments that make us all smile You're doing an amazing job hun. Oh and I'm happy that O's rash seems to be easing too.

    Willow Are you ok? Know I'm here if you want to chat

    Janie and Michelle to you both.

    Deb. All the best for Immy's appointment tomorrow and GRRRRR to FOTY. I hope your new solicitor gives him a good kick up the butt!!

    I'm off to bed. Early start tomorrow

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    Oct 2006
    home sweet home.

    Deb. He really is a big kid. He is in the clothes
    O was wearing at 3 months. Good luck babe for your results tomorrow Hun. We are all here for you no matter the outcome. I can't believe FOTY, what a twit.

    Mako: sweet dreams xx

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    Jan 2008
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Jo, I was so worried that we were going to mc Grayson. At my 7 week scan he was a week behind. At 9 weeks he was right on track. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will have the same story. Make sure that you ask for another scan next week.

    Deb, for Immy's appt. tomorrow.

    Lee, He is there with your children on all of their important life events because you remember him and keep him in your heart.

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    Feb 2009

    Thank You, Michelle and BW for your replies.

    I can't help but be distressed by the fact that this is normal for me now. Even stupider knowing that I would be utterly crushed if anything happened to her, so I can't even understand why I feel this way...

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    Dec 2005

    Deb good luck with today.

    Willow; Im around on Sunday if you feel the need to talk

    So the rash diagnosis from yesterday was allergies so now I have to try and fit in an allergy appt with a specialist (funnily enough the same one who tortured me as a kid lol) in all this mess that is my life right now. Not to mention the money (but Im sure DH will help with that).

    I do have something positive though; hopefully no more whinging from me soon

    Dhs bosses have been soooooooooooooo awesome in this whole housing conflict issue (which is bloody rare let me tell you). They think we have fair reason to want a 4 bedroom and have gone to bat for us with the housing dept and everyone else. Yesterday they had the usual start of year entitlement and mental health chats; the housing dept manager who was so rude to us when we were trying to sort this out was the one giving the chat so when it was done Dhs BIG boss yanked her aside and chewed her out! She ended up blathering on about being on our side but ya know protocol blah blah blah and that she can put it to the VIP panel of housing to see what they say, which she is pretty sure will be O.K! I swear if I see Dhs bosses I will kiss them and give them my firstborn son (and prob the secondborn too ) So housing woes may be over but either way Ive given the RE my 21 days notice to vacate whether the Army has it sorted or not, we'll just shack up in Dhs teeny house in the interim so we can atleast be together.

    So yay for small victories!

    Oh and if Dh says yes, our puppy was born on the 28th Poor MamaDog had to have a csection because it went a bit haywire and there was only the one pup but she is happy, healthy and GORGEOUS. And MamaDog will get a VBAC next litter because the doggy world is all for natural birthing and not weighed down by statistics hehe

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    Apr 2007

    Jo - Sorry to hear about your scan I hope you can have another one soon, hang in there. Praying it reveals a lovely healthy little bubba for you.

    Lee - I can't even fathom what it what be like to lose DH. I hope your DD had a lovely time at school, I'm sure he is watching over her.

    Freya - Yay for the housing issues sorting themselves out, and good luck with the allergy. Hope it improves soon.

    Innana - I'm assuming by FOTY that you mean your ex-DH? Sounds like he's a bit of a knob jockey to me I hope your appt goes well today, thinking of you.

    Spring - Well done on the weight gain!

    Hi to everyone else

    Same old same old here, DD2 is so hard to settle at night now. I'm so tired this week my eyes are hanging out of my head, and really hoping this phase is over soon. But at least DD1 is enjoying big school, has even asked for canteen money already

    Have a nice day everyone.

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    Jul 2006

    How is it that with all this rest I'm having etc, I have so little time online????????? It's very frustrating, I can tell you. Having a lappy would help , but still, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to make it into the study! And the phone is just not the same, too slow and too small! I'm so sorry I'm so out of things in here, especially with all the lovely support you're all giving me. I am reading every day, and trying to keep up to date. I'm sorry that I'm not doing personals for everyone, but please know that I am thinking of each and every one of you, with everything you're all going through

    Deb, thank you for your lovely message at the top of this thread! I almost missed it! But it made me cry (happy tears!). I hope FOTY pulls his head in and just gets on with things rather than dragging it all out like he is now. Keep up that positive energy lovely, it will do the world of good

    Michelle, you are in my thoughts all the time . Not long to go now my friend.........

    Jo, hang in there hun. I haven't been where you are, but lots of the others have, so I'd be listening to their wise words . Thinking of you.

    Mako, sorry you're feeling down. I really hope your appt with Dr S next week opens some doors for you............I am personally very excited that you're seeing him!

    Jayne, I can't imagine this thread without you!!!!!!!!! I totally get where you're coming from with family issues. Believe it or not I am having some of the same myself ATM . Hang in there, things will get better.

    Spring, I'm so happy to hear you sounding so happy! Good for you babe!

    Kelly, thinking of you, and working out when I will be need to call on you LOL. Possibly one day next week, if that works for you. We'll know more about what's going after Monday.

    Okay, DS has had enough of me on here, and I'm doing my best to spend as much time with him as possible right now, so I'd better go. Oh, we still went to calmbirth last night, it was fantastic! Sooooooo glad we're doing it

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    Oct 2005
    A Nestle Free Zone... What about YOU?

    Oh Megsmum I am sorry darling I didn't mean to be using a term that everyone didnt get..

    FOTY is my "pet name" for my ex husband... It's tongue in cheek for "Father of the Year".. Sometimes I refer to him as the HOTY and that is "husband of the year"....

    BB this afternoon. xxxx

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    Dec 2007
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    Mako - Do you need a big Rach bear ?? Sweety hope you have a better day today.

    Jo - Oh im praying that all ends up well for you, and maybe your dtes are just out

    Megsmum - heheh DS asked as well, ive told him once a week he can order from the canteen, so i let him yesterday. He was very excited that he got his lunch deleverd to the classroom

    Spring - woohoo on weight gain!!! Evangeline has had a massive growth to, well since ive put her formula. Now a big 5.8kg heheh i was actually a little teary yesterday, her and Lilli are almost identical in weight and height at this age, lol Lilli's head was a little bigger - poor girl got that from DH. I love chubba's

    A big to everyone else. I have a squealling girl here, hehe her way of saying "come play with me".


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    NSW/VIC Border

    Hi all, just popping in to see how everyone is

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    North Lakes, QLD

    Thankyou ladies for all the support, kind words & 's

    I'm trying to take the positives from what everyone has said.

    Deb: goodluck for Immy's appt today, i hope FOTY gets his act together.

    Freya: YAY for small victories, hope you can get DS allergies sorted

    Mako: i hope more kids in your classes turned up today.

    Sorry i know i'm missing people but I'll BBL

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    Aug 2006

    Deb - Good luck for Immy's appt today, I'll bbl to see how she went

    Same old same old here, DD2 is so hard to settle at night now. I'm so tired this week my eyes are hanging out of my head, and really hoping this phase is over soon.
    Ditto. It's really getting me down this week and I am so, so tired.

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    Aug 2006

    Double post

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    Sep 2006

    Rach Yeah a big Rach would have been great yesterday but I'm thinking you need an even bigger one right back atm. Just saw your other post in the other thread. I wish I could make everything all ok for you. I don't even have the right words for you either and that makes me a bit sad. Just know you are welcome to pop in any time even on your way past to pick E up or drop him off at school.

    Deb Have been thinking of you and Immy all day. Hope you get some answers today

    Freya WOOHOO on the housing situation starting to be sorted. Glad to hear mummy puppy is ok after her rough time giving birth.

    Megsmum and Rach Gotta love the fact your kids have learned early what the canteen is for lol. I'm sure Willow's daughter had an experience on her 1st day of school too
    Glad to hear they have all settled in really well though.

    Michelle hun.

    Janie Good on you for going to the calm birth classes. Its lovely to hear you are doing everything you can to get the best possible birth experience you can under the circumstances

    Jo A few more kids turned up today which was good.
    Have you spoken to your DR yet?

    jlk Hi how are you doing?

    Inertia. Hi and welcome to this thread of wonderful women.

    Bun I hope your visitors help out and give you some time to pop on and write your birth story. I hope it helps you with your healing process hun. Please know we are all here for you

    Willow I'll be around on Sunday too if you want to chat. Let me know if I can do anything for you

    We are going to have a bit of a look for a big boy bed for Sage tonight. I think we are going to get him a double bed so that way we'll have somewhere for visitors to stay if they want too instead of sleeping on a mattress on the floor of his room. I'm a bit nervous about getting him out of sleeping in his cot as he's doing so so so well now but figure it might be easier now rather than later kwim?
    I'm not keen on the idea of taking the side off his cot as I'm sure he'll end up falling out as he leans up against it when he sleeps.So thats another reason for a double bed..having more room to move around before falling out We'll also put a mattress on the floor beside his bed once we get on so if he does happen to fall out he won't be landing on floor boards.


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    Apr 2007

    Janie - Souds like you need a lappy

    Inanna - Hey that's OK, I was just curious When I saw that it started with F I thought it might have been something really rude LOL Husband of the year.....hehehehe

    Rach - The things they get excited about LOL DD just wants an ice block, we've told her the same thing - she can have some money one day a week on Fri if she's a good girl during the week. Man they catch on fast though don't they?

    Willow - Fingers crossed for a better night tonight! E has never been good at night, but this week has been about the worst ever. Waking up from day sleeps after 10 mins - happy mind you - but then losing it in the evening and being so difficult to settle. I feel like all I ever post on BB is how tired I am At least DH helps out, but even he is starting to joke that he never knows what bed he'll end up in by morning - ours, the spare one or DD1's LOL

    Mako - You might find Sage doesn't have any probs with the big bed - we thought the same with DD1 but she has never fallen out. Somehow she just knew what do do? But he'll probably be really excited to go into the big bed, DD1 was hoping your appt next week goes well.

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