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Thread: Baby on Board by Dr Howard Chilton

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    Default Baby on Board by Dr Howard Chilton

    Just reading this book I picked up written by a paed in Sydney. Just wondering if anyone else has read it. Very science based it seems, and a good section about why human babies feed frequently not on a schedule. As I
    said not finished it yet but I think shares a similar philosophy to Pinky?

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    I read this book and loved it. I have now passed it on to my sil.

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    Love this book. I've lost my copy, but I read it cover to cover when dd was a newborn

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    Haven't read it all yet but I was a little afraid of his approach to reflux. I'm sure it is an over used term but my DD is suffering with it at the moment. Getting sick of it being trivialized. Unless I read wrong? Was actually going to see him at his surgery but he was on holidays and had to see a ped asap

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    sweat pea - haven't gotten to reflux yet. It's a very controversial subject hey? My bub was diagnosed at about 4 weeks and I started him on meds, then I heard about the study saying babies don't get reflux before three months and I stopped the meds. Didn't notice a difference and I do wonder if he was just suffering with wind ( still is). But I know my sisters bubs both had reflux and responded well to meds.

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    I found the book a bit of a saviour in the beginning. The first 24hr section saved a lot of GP visits. And you can just read bits that is relevant to you at that point in time. I find most of the book is relevant for very newborn. There is a chapter on Pass newborn stage.

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    Hey Disco,
    It is a controversial topic. I could tell there was something wrong with my DD in the hospital. It took ages to get a diagnosis and start meds. She is now 3 months old and we've had to switch pediatricians because he wasn't very helpful.

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