Hi all, can you recommend a book that can help me with day sleeping? My son is twelve weeks old and sleeps very well at night so no issues there but will not go down during the day. He had been diagnosed with the dairy protein allergy ( that causes painful reflux) so I am on a special diet but his first twelve weeks have been stressful for us both and I am concerned that he is stressed (for want of a better word) and would lose to know how to create a calm baby that likes to sleep as he crys a lot due to over tiredness. I have tried a lot of things and he doesn't seam to like any ( baby carrier on me, rocked to sleep etc). Any help would be appreciated as I hope I can help him to relax more....I feel so sorry for what he has been through in these weeks. We do baby massage when we can to tr to help.....anyway....your ideas would be helpful. Thanks