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    Default Daddy Day Care

    I am a full time single dad to my 3yo boy, as mum is no longer with us (has been showing some signs of trauma as a result) i thought maybe a book or two to educate me a little on how his little mind works wouldnt go a stray.

    I have had a troll through the forums & have gathered that the following seem reputable here-

    Parenting by heart
    Raising boys
    The science of parenting
    Positive disipline for pre schoolers

    Am i on the right track? as a single dad would any, either or other be suitable?

    Thanks in advance, Dave

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    I think they all sound like great books.
    Maybe you might also like The Secret of Happy Children and More Secrets of happy Children, they ar both written by Steve Biddulph and both very easy reading.

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    Welcome Dave,
    I haven't read those books, but joining us here is a great first step and you're bound to get lots of support and great advice.
    Lots of luck to you and your little one.

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    Just wanted to wish you all the best with your little man.

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