I was just wondering if people could share their opinions of Dr. James Dobson and some of his books. Has anyone read them? What do you think?

I have been looking up some of his stuff and so far, I am not a fan. My mum has recommended that I read this book "Dare to Discipline" (I suspect that it is to do with the fact that I refuse to smack my children). I always thought James Dobson was reasonably mild on the issue of smacking but after reading some extracts from his book and some interviews, I am a little mortified by some of his opinions. It is one thing to feel that mild smacking may be useful to a child, it is another thing entirely to attempt to control how long a child may or may not cry after being smacked and then to recommend a 2nd smack for crying too long

Also, I was wondering if anyone has links to a review of this book that aren't from a Christian website or author. There are loads of reviews from Christian magazines but I find most of them have no understanding of raising kids and seem to give a raving review simply because it sits well with their beliefs and preconceptions the author has of James Dobson.

I have listened to a number of Focus on the Family programs (many years ago) and really thought James Dobson sounded very reasonable. I have had a lot of life experience since that time that has shaped a lot of what I believe. I wonder if I would still find his thinking reasonable.

Anyway, I was interested to hear what other people think - good and bad. Thanks