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Thread: Growing Great Girls or Raising Girls

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    Question Growing Great Girls or Raising Girls

    So... I have raising boys by Steve Bidduph, excellent book and DH has read it too from cover to cover.
    Now a little girl has entered our world and I would like to invest in a help book for raising a girl.
    What are your thoughts on Growing Great Girls?
    I like Steve Bidduph so I was thinking his Raising Girls (only due to the fact I have Raising Boys).
    I would love to hear if you have either or both of these books your opinions.

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    i borrowed Raising Girls from my mum. I've skim read the first few sections as that's all that really applies to DD atm, and most of it I thought was just common sense. will save the rest of it for when she is a bit older as I'll only forget it anyway

    Do you have a copy you can borrow from the library to see what it's like? You could borrow my copy to have a squiz at but would have to post it to you, I'm sure there's a copy closer. Lol

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    Steve Biddulph did the Foreward for Raising Girls, but it is actually written by Gisela Preuschoff. I have read most of it, and like SS at this point with DD not alot of it applies, but it did really get me thinking of the future and has inspired many parenting discussions with DH and I. I can see it will come in handy down the track for us.

    I haven't heard of Growing Great Girls but might see what google says - thanks for the heads up

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    Ooohh, I've never actually thought about a gender specific book for parenting missy!
    Thanks for the thread! Might have a look at those myself. (to add to the million other parenting books on my nightstand!)
    Sue xx

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