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Thread: Which Parenting books do you recommend?

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    Well I tend to go on a bit about his books but I will again. LOL
    Robin Grilles - 1. Heart to heart parenting
    2. Parenting for a peaceful world.
    I found it really based in science which I like but easily readable. It also focused more on understanding your child rather than a prescriptive book (do this in this situation) so you can apply it to your own child and your own personality.

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    I got 'What To Expect... The First Year' in the mail today, so far so good... Don't really like Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall, imo her routines don't suit all babies, they're all different, and I wouldn't go putting a newborn on one.

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    I liked Kaz Cooke - Up the Duff , It was also good light hearted reading for DH. I freaked out when I started reading the What to expect when expecting that was combined with what to eat when expecting.

    I also like - Robyn Barkers - Baby Love.

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    I have and love -

    "Birth" by catherine price & Robin ....
    "Sleeping like a baby" Pinky McKay - she's excellent!
    "100 ways to calm the crying" Pinky McKay
    "Toddler Tactics" Pinky McKay
    "The Science of Parenting"
    "Raising Girls" - Gisela Preuschoff
    "Buddhism for Mothers"

    They are my favourites so far!!!!! So many good books I want to buy!!!

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    How about "what every parent needs to know: The Incredible Effects of Love, Nurture and Play on Your Child's Development " by Margot Sunderland

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    I'm always reading new ones but some faves have been:
    Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon (I think How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so you kids will talk is similar)
    Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Kurcinka
    Any books by Dr William Sears

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