thread: Shhh! Don't wake the Royal Baby!

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    Jan 2006

    Shhh! Don't wake the Royal Baby!

    This is a book by Martha Mumford and Ada Grey. And OK, it isn't a parenting manual. If it were, it would have a very small print run. It also labels Prince Phillip as "the King", which he really isn't. Almost stopped me from buying the book. But then I saw the cover again.

    The Queen is parachuting and babywearing at the same time. Which is a "you must buy this book" recommendation to me.

    In the book, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very hands-on and do not want the Royal Baby to CIO. The Duchess rocks the Baby to sleep. The Duke takes the Baby in his helicopter to try and get Baby to sleep. The Queen babywears and parachutes. Prince Phillip rocks the Baby and sings lullabies. The Duke has the Baby sleeping on his chest after a story. The Duchess insists the Baby needs a cuddle.

    OK, it's a silly book with a silly plot that involves a lot of noise to wake Baby every time Baby goes to sleep. But when you look at normal parenting books today - with the "baby must go to sleep alone" and "do not cosleep" and "CIO is good", it is so nice to see a model of hands-on, no-crying-alone, baby-doesn't-sleep, baby-wearing parenting presented as normal. Yay!

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    That sounds like a really enjoyable read

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    Sounds fun! Will have to have a read