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Thread: Steve Biddulph "Raising Boys".

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    Cool...see school is a the big un known for me lol! So am a bit scared too cause I would hate for him to fall behind or be in trouble

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    I think that lots of schools have recognised the difficulties that small children have with staying still and have moved on from the model of expecting children to sit still and face the front all day. At Yasin's school they are seated in groups of 4 around square tables and when it's time to listen they get up and sit in a circle on the floor then go back to their tables. They play lots of learning games that have movement in them and so on too.

    I thought that lots of what he had to say about role models and learning to be men was fantastic.

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    "There are plenty of examples of 4?-year-olds who do very well and six-year-olds who don't. Age is not the central issue ? It is how they fit into the system - their social and emotional maturity."
    I think that about sums the whole thing up, kids shouldn't be held back from school simply because of their age, how they will cope is far more important. As Onyx mentioned many schools run a play based learning program for preps now which is far more appropriate for them at that age. Im lucky enough to be a Performing Arts specialist now (and oh how I love it!) and get to teach P-6 - the preps really are such babies still and have 3 terms under their belts. I can sing pre-school songs with them all day long and they just thrive on it still. Interestingly countries that have a very late starting age (7 in Finland) and who value teachers who have to be Masters trained, do extraordinarily well. Pity we are going more down the data driven path of our US friends rather than our porgressive Euro ones. Babbling now, please forgive!

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