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Thread: Your favourite parenting book?

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    Default Your favourite parenting book?

    As my DD is growing up fast, I can't believe a whole year has nearly gone!!- I am wanting to do some wider reading to help give me some guidelines for the next few yrs parenting wise. I grew up in a very strict household with physical force and general intimidation being the method of discipline. I know I DO NOT want to do the same so I guess I am look at wanting information on other forms of discipline etc.

    So please tell me ur fave, most fitting parenting books please! TIA

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    My favourite "book" is Belly Belly. There are so many diverse opinions on here, I can read about what works, what doesn't and the theory behind it all, all in one place. I can pick out the bits I like, mix and match and leave the rest. The best bit is that it's based on other's experiences, not a theory in a book.

    Works for me

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    Thats awesome n2l, I feel the same about motherly wisdom.

    For actual books, depending on ages, The Wonder Weeks (to 16 months from memory?!), What Every Parent Needs to Know by Margot Sunderland and Parent Effectiveness Training by Dr Thomas Gordon - the book and even better if you can get to the course too. So many other books but depends on ages you are after and what sort of style.

    Alfie Kohn and Aletha Solter are good authors to look up too - books like 'Helping Young Children Flourish', 'Raising Drug-Free Kids' and books on rewards and punishments, homework, schooling etc.
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    My fave, (if you're aiming away from traditional discipline based on fear, rewards/punishment etc) is Alfie Kohn "Unconditional Parenting". It's pretty controversial compared to mainstream general parenting practices and you may not take all of it on board but I found it to be the most useful book I've ever read in getting me to question my own parenting style, the style I was raised with (which was hugely conditional) and the style I want to work towards. We don't take this approach every single minute but I strive to be unconditional and I have found it to really sit well with my approach to life and my other training and employment background.

    The other one I read when DS was about a year old was Pinky McKay's Toddler Tactics - it has a huge number of practical strategies and down to earth discussion of typical toddler behaviours.

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    It's been ages but I remember that Steve Biddulph's books about boys and happy children seemed relatively sensible.
    The older they get the more I realise that no-ne has written a book about my boys so I tend to look to the people I trust for advice when specific issues are concerning me. People like the older generations of my family, my amazing friends, the girls on BB.

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    Liebling is the best parenting book - but only for Liebling. And it took a while for me to learn how to read him. But it was worth it.

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