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Thread: Argh she's driving me nuts!!

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    Default Argh she's driving me nuts!!

    DD is being super frustrating at the moment. Everything I say to her gets a "yes mummy" and then goes straight out the other ear! We really don't ask a lot of her, she's expected to keep her bedroom tidy (toys put away and her clothes either in her drawers/cupboard or dirty ones in the wash) and keep her bathroom tidy (bath emptied, toys away and clothes in the wash not left on the floor). Yet we constantly have to nag and harrass her to get this done. She'll come out and tell us that she's finished, we go in to check and she's hidden dirty clothes in the toybox or stuffed toys under her bed etc. She gets warned that if it's not done properly when she tells us she's finished, she will have to choose a toy to be given to Good Sammies or thrown out. She then divulges into floods of tears when we follow through on this, promises that she'll do it properly next time and gives me the "sorry mummy" routine (which does not, btw, make me back down at all) only to do exactly the same thing with the same result the next time she's over.

    We ask her to go get ready to go to Nippers (surf lifesaving), she knows it's going to be a stinking hot day at over 38 deg yet comes out in long sleeves, jeans and boots. So we send her to go get changed into something cooler. We get home, she has a shower and changes because we have a birthday party to go to, and again, she comes out in jeans, boots and a t-shirt instead of the nice summer dresses or shorts and t-shirt I know she has in her room.

    I'm just so sick and tired of repeating myself, of having to nag the everliving poo out of her to get anything done, of feeling like she either thinks I'm stupid or feeling like the evil mean mum for constantly having to be on her back about things rather than us being able to enjoy our weekends and go out to do fun stuff together.

    Please tell me they grow out of this?

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    Mine is only 4 but we are having issues here right now too, especially with getting dressed and she does the same thing - wears stockings and long sleeves on hot days and singlets on a cold day I am really trying to pick my battles right now which is really hard but I feel like I am at her all the time and it's not fair on her or me so I really stop myself and ask if it is worth it? Some things are and we follow up, others I take a deep breath and let it go. xoxoxo Not much help really but you definitely not alone. xox

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