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Thread: I don't like being a school mum

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    School is great. Free daycare. I don't get the option of "missing my baby"; I have to work (I'd still rather not). I love hearing all he has learnt and can't wait to share with me.

    When I get to be pt again, I love chatting to other mums at drop off and pick up. I love having 6 hours to clean the house, garden, do the shopping and read, so weekends are all fun family time. We have school hols for Liebling to learn household management. I miss having a clean house.

    But then, I love seeing Liebs mature and grow. I love the man he's growing into. I would not hold him back just to tighten the apron strings and feel better for myself.

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    Default Re: I don't like being a school mum

    Whether I was working or not I still miss them I think it's ok that we talk about this without assuming anything. Whether it's guilt, assuming someone is better for missing their children (they aren't), working, not working, happy school memories or not etc. There is no right or wrong and it's totally ok to say how we all feel. Sometimes I think we aren't often allowed to have that voiced for fear of how it comes across. Yet it's ok to say how happy you are to get rid of the kids and send them back to school. It's almost like if you miss your kids you must be some sort of smothering helicopter parent with no social life or ambition. Not so.

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    Yeah, I don't want him to go back to school, even after the summer hols. Even after a weekend!

    But he loves school and I love him loving school and so I know he's enjoying it, so I don't miss him per se. But then I don't miss dh when he's away either.

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