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    well this is just a huge vent that i really need to get off my chest. hoping i am in the right place but feel free to move this if its not. i guess i am just sick of how nasty things can get on parenting forums. this one was recommended to me and i like the look of it. people can just be so nasty about simple little things such as what you feed your children. i was a fan of another site but i am now considering leaving it. the last few weeks for me have been extremely hard and when i put something happy on it to share my joy, some people were just plain down right nasty and it hurts. well thats it for me. i am going exploring now...

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    Welcome to BB! I have been a member since January and have found the other members on the main contribute positively, offer suggestions constructively, and not to criticise individual parenting/life styles or choices.

    I hope you find the same and enjoy the forums.


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    I have not been on any other sites but my Sis told me about this and i has been great from my experience. People are so nice and understanding.
    Mayb you should share your story on here and see what response you get,
    good luck and I hope you enjoy

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    Welcome to BB, tim tam boy


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    Welcome to BB
    I hope you get as addicted as the rest of is a great place & full of lovely people

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    I'm glad to see you here hun, and I laughed my butt off when I saw your username!!!

    Have a good time exploring around - there is a Young Parents Section, Single Parents support (with some kickass ladies in there), The Punching Bag is useful for a bad day (or three) and the WOO HOO room for all your woohoos, big or little. The baby buddies is good too...well all of it is really!

    Welcome to BB

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    tim_tam_boy Guest


    one was about feeding my child a tim tam. thats where i got the name from as it was such great fun for my son to have his first tim tam and i wil be feeding them to him again i dont really feel like going into detail atm but last few weeks were just really tough and i wouldnt wish them on my worst enemy. i just really hate how nasty some people are and the jolly they get from putting people down. we all try to do the best we can but sometimes its just not enough to many people.

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    yeah i thought it was a good username to use and suits my little one just fine. such a trooper he is

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