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Thread: so damn sick of this!

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    Default so damn sick of this!

    I am so sick and tired of having to repeat myself ALL DAY LONG!

    seriously how many times do I have to ask ds to eat his breakfast, get dressed, go to toilet before we leave the house etc etc. Every single day i'm exhausted from all the nagging i'm doing. I dred getting up in the morning because i know i'm going to be repeating myself all day!

    How many times do I have to tell him to pick up his toys, stop whinging, get in the car, get out of the car etc etc, why can't he just do it the first time I ask him to do it instead of waiting until I start yelling at him???

    It is getting to the point now that i'm starting to get cranky and I start yelling, which in turn upsets ds and then he is constantly repeating "are you happy mummy, are you happy" NO I'M NOT FRIGGIN HAPPY!!!! just do what i ask you to do the first time and then I will be happy!!

    How can I do this without becoming a monster??

    The other day we were talking about when this baby comes out I will be finally be able to run around more with him, jump on the trampoline etc with him and then he said "and love me" OMG it broke my heart to think my ds thinks I don't love him, and I know its because i'm always so frustrated and angry all day. I hate this

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    You are not alone. Hopefully someone has solutions for us both.

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    Don't feel bad. My eldest DS just turned 17 yesterday and my DSS is 17 next week and I still have to repeat everything ... well, maybe not the toilet part! I mean, it's not a shock when we leave the house at the same time everyday!!

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    I had this problem when ds1 was little. I made him a chart up with a zigzag line and at the top and bottem of each zig i had a velcro spot and and thing to do. I kept it simple for eg it was ... Um... Eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth,pack bag,put shoes on. And i had a little car shap cut out and i had decorated the whole this to make it eye catching for him and on the back of the car cut out was another velcro dot and all he had to do was each time he completed the task (in order) was move his little car along. It worked awesome for us. So maybe you could pick a few of the real important things that would help and make up a chart

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