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Thread: Tell me your worst Mummy day

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    Just help me out please...

    I need to know I am normal and that I'm not the only one who has 'rough mummy days'...

    Today I've had DS be quite unsettled, only sleeping for 5 - 10 mins (unless he's in my arms), while DD was climbing all over the lounge, emptying out the tissues from the box, got her hands on the video camera, remote controls and sitting on the curtains where I'm afraid the curtain rods will just snap off of the wall and damage it (and probably her noggin'). I stepped on doggy poo while bringing the clothes in from the clothesline and flicked rice all over the kitchen and myself as it'd gone hard while I tried to spoon it out of the saucepan. I was lucky to sit down for 5 minutes at a time.


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    Sounds like a well-rounded day to me!

    Now sit down and eat some chocolate... makes it all better. Tomorrow is another day!


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    You're not on your own! I have had so many of these days!

    The last one was just last week or the week before, much like yours - just one little thing after another until I dropped a jar of something while cooking dinner & burst into tears.
    But you know what - I really can't remember more than that - they disappear pretty quickly as Nettie said, tomorrow is another day.

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