thread: baby & tiled floors

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    Oct 2014

    baby & tiled floors

    My 8 month old is learning to crawl & hes learnt to sit himself up from all fours. He often face plants either from all fours or sitting height. Hes not 100% stable when sitting yet & sometimes topples over.

    we have tiled floors in the main part of the house. Ive put down a rug & got him a playmat but those dont cover all the tiles & he likes to go exploring.

    Every time he sits himself up on the tiles i freak out hes going to topple over & hit his head. Im even more worried about when he starts walking.

    I dont want to wrap him in cotton wool but im worried hes really going to hurt himself, tiles are so unforgiving.

    what can i do?

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    Mar 2011

    Re: baby & tiled floors

    We have tiles through out our house expect for the bedrooms and unfortuantley there really isn't much you can do!

    apart from spending most of your time in the bedrooms if they are carpeted and its just something you have to watch. I use to put pillows around my boys when they were first learning to sit up in case the tipped, but it does get harder when they are crawling from spot to spot!

    I guess if you were really worried, you could always buy a baby bike helmet and get him to wear that! lol (although the weight of that might make him tip more! lol)

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    Jun 2011

    Re: baby & tiled floors

    I have tiles through the whole house except for bedrooms. I was worried as well when DS first started moving but it hasn't been an issue. He has fallen over plenty of times but will either fall back on his bum or will put his hands out protecting his head. The head related injuries we have had here have involved furniture not the tiles. Just make sure you clean any spills up straight away so the tiles aren't slippery.

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    Re: baby & tiled floors

    Yeah, not much.

    We have floorboards - similar, but different!

    One thing I did do though is get some grippy puff paint, to paint grippy dots and lines on the DSs' socks.

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    Jul 2010

    Re: baby & tiled floors

    We have floor boards and we just put rugs everywhere. You could put up baby gates to limit how far he can explore. that way you'll only have to put rugs in a smaller area.

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    Re: baby & tiled floors

    You will appreciate the tiles at meal times, and when you start toilet training. I don't have any advice cos i have stupid white carpet

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    Jan 2011

    Re: baby & tiled floors

    We've had tiles for both girls and I know it sounds bad, but once they bump it once they normally learn. Both my dd's learnt to gently put their head down to roll etc. they are smart cookies. Especially once they are crawling they have a lot better control.m

    I agree with the cushions when they are learning to sit,