thread: Really feel like I have failed as parent :-(

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    Mar 2007

    Hey I would be fine! I want 4 kids so i could use the practice, LOL. I won't kill them I promise

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    Dec 2006

    boomba - yesterday i called into the home of one of my mums group on the way to the park (not something i would ever normally do, but one of the kids was at the window and my boys wanted to say hi). I ended up taking all four (2 x 4yo and 2 x 2.5yo) to the park. What a breeze! They basically looked after themselves, aside from a bit of swing pushing and help with the firemans pole. They rode their bikes around in circles and played hide and seek (with bright coloured bike helmets on! LOL). 4 was way easier than just my two, who would have pushed and fought the whole time.

    If somone offers to mind you kids for a bit - they mean it! Take them up on it. You just never know, they might put on their angel wings and everyone will have a ball!

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    I think the other thing to look at is consistency. You say that you and your DH have different styles of parenting. Is this causing confusion for the boys? Maybe you and DH need to work at being on the same page???

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    Jan 2006

    bommba. this is why we flew my MIL over from NZ for a month

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    Huge hugs gorgeous lady . You are an awesome mum

    This parenting gig is so hard at times! Having three "spirited" kids myself, I know what it's like. My sister always comments on how larger than life they are compared to her own kids (who are the same age), lucky me .

    I have found mine all need different strategies. DD is so strong-willed that I've had to be much firmer with her. Kids seem to thrive with boundaries, even if it seems like they hate them . DD was becoming so cranky and full of attitude, I got to the point recently where I felt I didn't really like who she was becoming (how bad of a Mum am I ). I stepped things up a notch with her and started being much firmer in how I managed her (eg. speaking in a very firm, no-nonsense tone, etc.) and funnily enough she is becoming the happy little girl that she once was . She is playing happily again and I really enjoy hanging out with her again. I think she just feels more secure knowing Mum is in charge? I dunno!

    My post probably sounds so mean , but I just wanted you to know that you're not alone .

    Oh, and yes, take up all offers of help!! People love you and want to help.