thread: Sad, angry, over it.

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    Mar 2006

    I am going through similar for different reasons than you at the moment and it is a hard road to walk.

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    Agree with the co-sleeping. Its yummy and good for bonding but you need to get sleep too. Perhaps you could try trying with them til they fall asleep in their own beds- but that can be painful or just transfer them once they are asleep

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    Just wanted to send you hugs! Parenting can be a tough job some times. Well done for reaching out to others and asking for help / opinions. So many people pretend everything is OK and don't ask for help!

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    She sounds like my 4 year old. Only I don't get 'I love you', I get a smart giggle. He likes bum head, idiot & a hole at the moment. Loves just how much they peeve me off when he says them too. He's also being pretty aggressive to DD3 lately.
    I think its just another boundary pushing stage that we just need to survive... Doesn't make it any easier. Also, she'd be adjusting just as you are to everything going on around her, all the changes, having you alone.

    It will get better. Though DS is worse than my girls were at the same age.

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    Sep 2009
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    just sending a hug your way. Children can be so hard to understand. I know my SIL is having the same issues but with her 4 year old Son.
    I hope that you can figure out a way to get through to her soon.

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    Jan 2008

    It sounds totally normal. Remember the basics, she is testing you, you are her mum, it's her job to test the boundaries and yours to enforce them. It's not fun but it's mothering.