thread: What does your toddler do?

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    Oct 2010
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    What does your toddler do?

    Does your ds play sports? Dancing? Swimming??

    I'm looking at letting ds do something but he's not interested in sports at all he doesn't mind dancing but loves ballet but dh won't let me lol but I can't seem to convince him it's not strictly a girl thing to do and who cares anyway
    Ds already like his nails painted and all things pink and fluffy lol
    Meanwhile dh is dreaming of baseball and all things manly

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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    DD was doing acrobatics for awhile, but the class didnt have enough numbers to continue. She loved it.

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    Nov 2010

    Re: What does your toddler do?

    My DS is 2 and doesn't do any extra curricular activities but he does do daycare twice a week, does that count? Haha

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    Jan 2008

    Re: What does your toddler do?

    My older girls where doing a Pre school tape and jazz class at three. My ds didn't do anything until auskick. And dd3 will be 4 in December and she will start dance in the new year. I didn't want her to do extra this year seeing we spend far too much time doing school drop offs abd the older kids activities.

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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    My two do swimming lessons. It's more of a safety thing though, than an activity to fill their time. If we didn't have to work, DD would love to do soccer, she sure can kick!

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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    DS (3) does gymnastics and swimming, he has only just started both of those (since turning 3) and prior to that didn't do any. He is keen to do an art class which his sister does, but he won't be doing anything else until DD is at school. Gymnastics and swimming they both do at the same time, and I couldn't face spending the time or money on anything else currently (they are in daycare while I am working 3 days a week - so downtime for them and me is important).

    However the following are things I know DS would love (he loves being a fairy, pink etc, and also sports) - acting class, dance class (there are few that are a combination of these two things), music, ready steady go (is a mixture of all sports).

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    Oct 2009
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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    There's a little boy in DD1's gymnastics class (out of four students, not just the one in a huge class of girls ), and they have full classes of older boys as well there At this age, it's mostly forward rolls and climbing, so not too "girly" if that's what might scare your husband. Make him watch some male gymnasts in the Olympics, that'll show him how "manly" the sport can be!

    Go with what your DS wants to do, if he's able to express an opinion. At this age they just want to move and play

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    Jun 2010
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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    Yeah. Your husband is right not to "let" you enrol your son in an activity he loves. He might have fun, develop gross and fine motor skills and develop self confidence through performance, but the risk of him turning into a girl is far too high.

    Perhaps he could stay home with your hubby and watch Billy Elliot instead.

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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    DS1 is 5 and he does swimming lessons and Ready steady go kids (which is a 45 min session that they a different sport for 2 weeks).
    DS2 is 2 1/2 and he only does swimming lessons.

    Good luck finding something that your boy will enjoy.

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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    My 2 year old does a gymnastics class for under 5 year olds. They do a fun circuit that has them balancing, jumping, rolling...whatever the focus of the day is. He loves it! Our 5 year old does something similar to Liviam's. Except ours is called Rookie Sports, they work on a particular sport for a fortnight. Once Buster turns 3 he will join in too instead of his gym class.

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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    I used to think my toddlers had to 'do' stuff, but now I realise it's not really as important as I thought. There isn't a lot available to us for littlies. Swimming, kinder gym, singing at the library and dirt biking (on balance bikes).

    What your DH thinks is your own issue I guess, but there's plenty of time in coming years for him to try stuff out.

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    Jul 2010
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    Re: What does your toddler do?

    My DS has been going to swimming for 1/2 hr a week since he was 5mths old. He loves it. He's been doing well without me in the water with him for the last two terms.
    I try and take him for an extra swim another day a week.
    We also attend one playgroup and occasionally another one.
    I am thinking about enrolling him in a music group next term.
    If the dance group one of his girl friends attends wasn't on at the same time as swimming I'd have happily taken him along. I guess I don't care if he's girly just if he's happy.........
    BTW I am a SAHM and we live on a property and he is my only living child. For this reason I seek out activities more than I possibly would had his sister lived.

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    Aug 2008

    Re: What does your toddler do?

    My little brother did ballet at 3. He is now a civil engineer who loves all codes of football and, with his performance experience, earns a tidy sum doing small extras parts on the side. Tell your hubby that.

    We have swimming, play group and library. Occasionally a govt provided music class, lots of trips to the museum.