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Thread: Exhausted...don't know what to do

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    Default Exhausted...don't know what to do

    This is now our third night with our 1 month old ds
    Last need is usually 10 or 11 pm. He is formula feed
    And has usually gone 4 hours between feeds
    The last couple of nights he won't settle/ sleep after this feed
    It could take us up to 2 - 3 hours to get him to sleep
    I think weary have made the mistake in giving him a dummy to
    settle/fall asleep.
    So I get him changed and settle we wrap him but leave his hands out as he prefers it
    Put him in the bassinet and then if he cries with the dummy which settles him
    He will fall asleep but if he is not 100% asleep and drops the dummy it wakes him up
    And it can take time to resettle him.
    Usually he has been good sleeper during the the day and last 2 days he
    doesn't really sleep won't sleep for afternoon or evening nap
    So I assume he is over tired by his last feed which could make him harder to settle
    Last 3 days/nights he will eat every 3-3.5 hrs

    I'm not sure what to do to settle him or his night feeds
    Triee baths, dim lighting, wrapping him fully
    I don't know what else to do
    Should I be worried that he is not sleeping enough?
    Any tips or advice would be great...I'm kinda struggling with little sleep

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    I suggest you sleep through the day when your DS does. He is probably in a wonder week, so he is going through a developmental leap which causes fussiness. He is also getting use to the world.

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    They do often have an unsettled week at about his age. Do you co sleep? It may be worth a try. Even just for a few hours a night (Mine usually started out in their beds, then came into our bed after first wake up).

    Have you tried patting/rubbing to sleep rather than the dummy? I found with mine that if I put them in the cot on their with one hand firmly on their shoulder, the other firmly patting their bottom/leg, they'd settle alot easier. Just don't suddenly stop get lighter first.

    Showers can work better than baths too. Mine would crash for hours after a shower. They still love them!

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