thread: YOU are the best expert for your child!

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    YOU are the best expert for your child!

    For parents who are managing the demands of caring for a baby and are considering parenting routines and programs, here are some articles and threads on BellyBelly that provide advice that promotes the importance of trusting your instincts:

    Sleep training not for breastfeeding mothers - Dr Sears
    Night waking protects against SIDS - Dr Sears
    Baby Not Sleeping? Here's 15 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep
    Babies and Sleep
    Velcro Baby - The Baby That Clings!
    Cuddle Me Mum - I Need a Cuddle...
    Cuddles - How They Make Your Baby Smarter, Calmer and More Secure
    Controlled Crying, Controlled Comforting or Sleep Training
    Controlled Crying: The Con Of Controlled Crying
    The Crying Baby - Understanding Your Baby's Cries
    P.E.T. Article - Is Danny really afraid to go to sleep?
    "But You're Doing It All Wrong..."

    At the end of the day, no book or article has been specifically written for YOUR child, it's up to you to decide what will work. You are writing your child's book as you go!

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